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Our good fortune is dependent upon the cooperation and contributions of others. Every aspect of our present well-being is due to hard work on the part of others. As we look around us at the buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel, the clothes we wear, or the food we eat, we have to acknowledge that all are provided by others. None of them would exist for us to enjoy and make use of were it not for the kindness of so many people unknown to us.
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Is this supposed be a rap verse?
No person eats by his/her effort alone. Who taught you that this is good to eat and that is not? Who picked out the seed from the wild and nurtured it till it was a reliable food plant? Who made the tool you use in the garden. Everyone benefits from the past more than they could ever contribute. 
Do That which your heart want not say  that what people say only trust on your self & GOD
that's right so love your neighbor as you love your self ;)
yes respect neighor it is humanity
Right. Post-agricultural society, distribution of labor, and such. 
now a days money is the key of sucess
money is just a part of this worldly things, we still the accountable of the action we made so don't blame the money for that ;)
money is not the key of success but guts, efforts, courage, discipline and good attitude. ;)
you are right but diffrent words has different meanig 
Therefore we must pass on these benefits and good fortune on to others. It is more fulfilling to provide good fortune and wellness to others, family, friends and other people. Let us extend our circle of prosperity, wellness and goodness to others.
Good words. But our life is so complicated - anxiety,mistrust and fear for future are blinding our mind...
it works without any kindness as a natural concept known as capitalism.
im not a budhist, but words of wisdom from great men are always accecpted with a true heart. (: oh and im a jain. (:
arun kb
we all are interdependent..
the collision of ones life begins with another ....
Science says the global ecosystem is suffering irreversible damage, largely due to speculative trade, i.e. using money to make more money. Science is not religion. Speculative use of money is religion.
you dont know about pakistan thats why
Im athest I don't believe in god it's just his fan club i can't stand
+Hannes Ansorg I broadly agree with your first comment that probably most of the materiel things around us are from capitalism (although not the important things that family and friends can provide), but on what planet does trade stop killing? The Russians are currently trading weapons to Syria; The world used to trade men as cattle, and pimps and such still do. Capitalism is the best system we could come up with but its it is completely about profit and far from perfect. Religion can be used for stopping or justifying killing, however trade is to profit maximise every time.
share your talents and pay your taxes, live in peace!

99% of trade is certainly not in weapons and certainly stops killing,  because if you would start a war, you would constrain your trading opportunities, which as you say, are, luckily, profitable. otherwise there would be no sense in them at all. 
D Paul
Something to be grateful for in this world.
Uncontrolled exploitation of non-renewable natural resources reduces the planet's ability to support life. We have already overshoot it and within a few decades that will translate into billions of deaths. Uncontrolled trade will kill billions of humans and countless species of life. Sustainability is what really ends the killing. Trade needs sustainable rules, and so does all human activity.
Someone forward this to the Republican candidates for US president.
"Trade needs sustainable rules". That doesn't make sense, since itrade is just about the exchange, not the production or consumption side of things. I am not talking or referring to any weapons or green energy or similar so stop trying to imply things on these general statements.
I used to think that Buddhism is religion of loneliness.
Was it wrong?
These days trade is about two things: 1) exchange, 2) speculation. The proportion of speculation has now far surpassed the proportion of real exchange in the world's economy. Real trade, real exchange, would be what you describe, Hannes, but even that must be conducted according to sustainable policies. Unfortunately, we are so deep in speculative trade that the world economy these days is more reminiscent of a ponzi scheme than economy.
Debt grows exponentially while real economy cannot, because real economy has biophysical limits. Mathematics does not have such limits. This causes the speculative economy to become disconnected from reality, which it has already done.
Mr Hannes take your suit face and mind elsewhere.. look deper in his thought where you will find your own ... one consciousness my frnd..
NO!!! All our good fortune, our well being etc. Comes from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not from man.
very true except for the kindness part.... if it was out of kindness this world would be a much better place, I'm pretty sure most of the people who build those things for us wouldn't do it if they didn't have to or weren't getting paid for it
+simone donald-durham, shut up. im jewish.
100% agree with you and he would never think of a new innovation not being concerned of humanity and blood shed.
Sure, we benefit from such resources which enrich our lives and make so much possible. Nevertheless, such exchanges are built on a social system of trade and self preservation. One question is, what do we bring to the exchange to enrich the lives of others?
I live by the grace of God, survive by the help of others and make my contributions by what I can offer to others. 
"Contributions of others" - Isn't that the same with all religious groups?  Yours is no different, receiving charity is the lifeblood of a group that produces nothing tangible
ببینم دالای کجایی ها ؟
This is "pie in the sky" philosophy.  It's a nice fanciful thought, but not truth.  The buildings, roads, clothes, and food referred to here were not simply given out of altruistic goodwill.  They're there because someone was paid to put them there.  Take away that money, and I'd be making all this stuff for myself.  That's capitalism at work.
We can always assume that all good fortunes and even bad fortunes must have been rationed by upstair angels and Gods and other forms of higher beings, but to be practical Dalai Lama is correct in a sense that if it wasn't for kind folks like you who have had the will to work together with others to make a civilization works -- I might never have a road to tread upon, foods to fill my ever hungrier stomach, electronics to entertain me, and so much more.  Nonetheless, we have to acknowledge that all the bad things that are occurring now must have been built up a long time ago by us humans (e.g., pollution, global warming, wars, crimes, hunger, etc...).  If we simply blame Gods for all the bad things on earth, it's like being too lazy to own up to our mistakes and make Gods the scapegoats.  Noticing how I use the plural form for Gods, because not everyone on this planet is believing in the same God.
Debt is the extra rider on your horse that wears you down. I know it is hard to live with little income. However, debt is the merchant/ bankers tool. Usury ( interest on borrowed money) is considered wrong in the  Christian Bible and in Islam. Moneylenders were driven from the Temple by Jesus for good reason. They had become too bold. There needs to be a resettlement of debt for all peoples to be free.
Trade is good if both parties get a fair exchange, as in the old days. These days exchange or trade made under the capitalism system always benefits one more than the other. The reason for that is capitalism its about getting richer at the expense of the other, the one in need has to pay a higher price for what it needs. Capitalism would be great if everybody could get at least "a piece of the cake" but thats not the case today, because of my work i've seen real poverty first hand, some talk about helping others but the reality is the help should come from the ones with the money first.
Little Tibet tells a story that proves this, a while back, like if you read a history book, they prospered without giving a crap about GDP.
Yes, and it was provided by God.
Namaste,This is natural principle of Universe"One for All & All for One." This  is the Unique principle is applicable in Past,Present & Future for living & non living as well.
People seem to be getting confused about an important aspect of capitalism.  It's a tool.  That's it.  It is not inherently evil because one guy cheats another using it.  I can use a hammer to drive a nail, or to kill someone with.  It's a tool, and has no morality.  The good or evil deed being done with it is up to the user.  If you want to place blame for the state of the economy, blame the people using the system, not the system itself.  Capitalism, or any other system, is a scapegoat people use to dodge accountability.  The same reason people go out of their way, despite evidence to the contrary, to believe there is no God... dodging accountability.
Its not about religion it's not about politics it's about we as a collective help each other to become better society, be greatful for what we have and share between us humans the profit of our work. We don't know when will our turn to be in need will come so we better start working the ground to have a good harvest.
I would love to join a gratitude circle

Jay S.
Yes and thanks
why not take lessons and do something good for others help others in anyways wecan
I try to remember that in everything I do to achieve the best that I can so that not only do I benefit from the rewards from the feeling of a job well done, but so that others can rely and depend on the work that I've done for or with them.  
Amy D
So true.
Everyday we sit,talk,see,eat,smell,taste,touche,think and move about. we do so many actions & are also lookout for miraculous happenings & events of life.What is the ultimate destination in life ?
for a long period oil industry and so as a friend mentioned science and constitutes in a regular circle let say in connectedness and privacy
but as long as i see this is getting through..
I don't think people do these things solely for the enjoyment of others out of the kindness of their own heart. I'm pretty sure they do it for the money, the best incentive.
Wow. Thanks for reminding me of this.
big man you just dont having a girl friend(+-)
Hmmm...With all due respect for the Dalai Lama, I wonder if the Dalai Lama's word Our means him and his or the world as a whole?  I personally have never received a road, building, or clothes as a result of the kindness of others.  I have paid taxes which provided roads and governmental building.  I have paid for clothes and food.  I have spent money on rent in buildings and mortgage on a home.  I sure that money I've spent on goods and services that has lead to profits for companies to build buildings.  Yes, I would say that my well-being is in part the result of others peoples  hard work.  However, I think that there is an exchange occurring that is left out of that statement.  There is a cycle of my hard work being compensated so that I can then use said compensation to purchase goods and services that the hard work of others provides.  Without that exchange there would be no well-being for anyone.  Generosity can only be supplied by those that have more than then need.  Without compensation for hard work and an ability to exchange that compensation a peaceful society will eventually unravel and turn to chaos.
Thank you for bringing to light what we also lose sight of and that is we are not alone on this planet.
Luck doesn't exist. It's the jealous people's word for effort.
The US has an unfortunate infestation of "Self made, rugged individualists" who honestly seem to believe that all that they are and have is the product of their own hard work.
I like how some people are trying to out-Dalai Lama the Dalai Lama...
+Taimur Ahmad +Gian Carlo Suazo The key to success is understanding what success actually is. Human beings mess that up more often than not. So many define success in the terms of monetary or property holdings. That is not success.
when will xenophobic hatred come to an end, when will the world love each other and all men shall be equal, only God will salvage the situation
I learned about Tibet it is very sad what China has done;(
If we are all dependent on our fellow neighbor for our survival, then why do people act as if we are all beneath each other?
Our good fortune is primarily dependent upon the hard work, a bit of fate of our-self.......  Everybody's cooperation goes on like a circular queue.... every1 is dependent upon every1.......
the same also works on problem.. many of our problems exist because of the others..
this is the reason why i do not want group projects. you can't control your mates.
we stand on the shoulders of giants
We take so much for granted in today's society that it is ridiculous..
And what of the ability of these human creators? Surely kindness would place ability in bold relief when successful productivity is brought into existence by able people.
We don't think of other that way. We should!
Regardless which god people believe in, that is very fact.

Great message to awareness of how much others work touch our lives....for our enjoyments and needs. Sad some seem to miss or get sidetracked from the point.
Happy is the birth of a Buddha,happy is the teaching of the Noble Doctrine,happy is the unity of the Sangha,happy are the efforts of the united. 
Absolutely! This why really, no one is an owner of anything. We all share everything, especially that which came from our forefathers!
i have seen this sentences with chinese ,but now i see it again with english,i feel more meaning
Everyone realizes that the lama is full of crap and an oppressor right? The only thing he is truly concerned with it getting his palace and servants back in Tibet so he can sit his Ass in the life of luxury while keeping his own people in poverty serving him. It's the same for every religion or "holier than tho" person out there. Research a little people.
ni shen me shi hou si?
Very True!, It makes us realise how miniscule is our role in the canvas of life, this teaches us to be humble & modest
I wonder what I would do I I had a llama
How sad that so many read this and instead of doing what it asks which is to take a moment and set aside all your issues and just be amazed and thankful for the ability, work and creativity of those who have created the things you use, instead you turn it into a political debate.  I pity you who cannot be thankful and instead are bitter over what others have, do or are.
As for me, I AM GOING TO PRAISE THE LORD for everything that has been given me. His name is JESUS CHRIST.
Ava F.
There are no exceptions to kindness +Alex Como  even those who we do not agree with we should still be kind to.
+Mary Jane Mccamant Thank you for providing such a superb example of the people of whom I spoke. If you truly believe that fantasy that is dribbling out of your mouth, then Somalia is the place for you. No nanny state there to hold you back. Pure 100% unadulterated capitalism. You'll not be bothered by "Big Government" there. Dare to live the dream. If you believe it, live it. It's calling to you. Go to Somalia and see all that your ideals can be. Find out how nice it is when the government doesn't watchdog the quality of your roads, food, power, water, education, and so much more.

Your revisionist history is MOST amusing. Our founding fathers formed this nation in order to escape "taxation without representation". Right now, here in the US, our taxes are BOTH at an all time AND worldwide low. You can see the results of that in our deficit AND the current state of our economy. (Helped along by the last 50 years worth of idiotic deregulation, of course.)

You are spouting off about communism. Who is it, that you believe wants, or has tried to create a "Communist State"? Who, exactly, is it, that you believe has said ANYTHING against well regulated capitalism? There are no "Levelers. Not in this nation. There are "Balancers". I am one of them. I believe in economic balance. I believe in regulating exposed imbalances in our economy, in order to prevent atrocities like the ones in our very own history. Atrocities caused by people abusing the flaws in a predominantly "Capitalism" economy. You, are a Laissez-faire-ist. A sad position to take, as Laissez-faire has been proven CONCLUSIVELY, by history, to NOT WORK. You know it, to. As shown by the fact that you have to use scary words which you don't even know the meaning of, in order to form a ridiculous Strawman argument. Words like "Communism" and "Socialism". Your are a prime example of why we need to improve education in this nation. The lack of education shared by you and those like you, are leading this nation down a dark hole. 
No many is an island, we truly need one another. One would be amazed at how much other do for us, and atimes we dont even notice. This statment make me want to slow down a little to acknowledge others, in a fast pasted lifestyle, I will now try and stop for a moment to listen in graditude.
It is a good ideal, kindness, but kindness isn't really kindness when it has a price tag attached to it. Kindness is not a commodity but a personal goal.
Tony He
It seems to be some what like religion ,aha ?
With all the evidence of greed and selfish need, I take pause at the notion of kindness. Can we truly be enjoying the fruits of altruism? All the same, the notion is profound and positive and I'm grateful for the inspiration. Thank you.
This is a remainder of how we ought to consider our actions as it relates to other.for in so doing the mechanics that helps keep and balance the universe would be well greased.
Fred Wz
glad to know that your shallowness appreciates us slaves.
Uhh, this isn't about any god, it's about community.
And even so, this isn't kindness.  It's society and advancement.  People make buildings to make money and greed is a driving factor.  Not that greed is a always bad thing, as greed drives society to make advancements to the future.
I still think it's a good thing, but it's certainly not derived from kindness.
“While I don’t believe I did anything illegal… I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong" --John Edwards 
... seeking formulas for eternal answers is often fraught with risk. Dynamic reverence for our interdependence makes subtle but powerful sense. Thank you, your holiness.
Pathetic that people look up to people like this.
Asi como sospecho del Papa católico, sospecho de todos los "lideres" religiosos de todas las épocas y los actuales, no parecen distintos a los de siempre.....
REALITY ,BUT I DON'T THINK UNTIL NOW.10Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I agree with the Dalai Lama
Dan Jen
This is so true. Be grateful.
What should I say? Only yesterday, I thought of the Dalai Lama and downloaded some of his books and here is the message from His Holiness! Pure coincidence or something else...?
wu hu                   .........................................
+Clayton Thompson If you're going to flap your idiot gums about "logical thought process", you really need to point out one single breakdown in my logic. Otherwise you are all mouth and no thought.
Nevermind most things are made by machine.... But everything else is legit I guess
Thank you for your teaching.It does help us choose the right way sometimes.
True. Even machines need people to maintain, run, feed...then transport said goods.

The idea by itself is familiar, but the way of expressing it is unfamiliar!
Plus most of them r doing what they get paid to do. I'm not gonna reward my son for brushing his teeth or getting his shoes on every day. It's what he's supposed to do.
I love lama.What ideas he shared here same feelings were expressed
in poem of indian poet Nirala.
Original is in hindi so I am giving some translation.

She is hammering on stones
morning or evening
Near road of allahabad(A city name)
Whenever I go whenever I see
I see she continuously breaking stones
by his hammer.
One day this home will be prepared
and someone will live here
but he'll never remember
who had broken stones
morning or evening
who had made the wall.

I can't translate full poem but at last poet says
Real owners of that building is not who is living there
but those who fixed every single stone on the wall.
Who worked day and night to make that dream come
Who sweat on summer, who shake in cold,who got wet
on rain.....
Homes aren't made that way anymore, pre fabbed and all that. Most just snap together...
aren't those words coming from the pray before dinner?
its definitely the moneys fault. Let's not blame the inanimate object for peoples mistakes.
Its true, god always helps good person.
Some people just go "oh no such thing as god hes a dickhead" but they need to realise thats not the case.
(im not a cristian myself)
Does that mean no one is an island unto its own self?
It's curious, but it seemed told for me at a time I need what's said as ever.
life is what we make of it.surely its good to live in peace and love one another no matter the religon,tribe and colour.
Why dont u back to Tibet?stupid lama.fuck u
WOW, does everybody have to pull apart a beautiful message?
Give the Dalai Lama a break!
Sometimes the only way to receive peace is to understand that you cannot change those around you.  You need to allow them their opinions.
aymaubd your a class A ASS.
i agree.. we also must remember to protect ourselves from bad people
I was disappointed to find out during your interview with NPR that you don't personally use a computer or phone to keep up with your accounts. Hopefully they give you feedback from your posts. Thanks for wisdom.
How bout we depend on ourselves and love ourselves first
They didn't build the roads or make the clothes out of any kindness or sincerity of heart.  They did it for money.  They did it to feed their families.  Sounds a little more selfish and pessimistic, no?  That's reality and truth.  Fallen world.  Irredeemable save by the grace of God by the salvation through Jesus Christ.
Every one are making their efforts for their tomorrow.this is continuous process of human being since his inceptions.
Naturally, the comment is perfectly stated. Thank you. I only wish your influence was adopted more broadly by the people of the world. 
WOW = WOW is good!

Mr Lama is not properly oriented with the material world.

this is Kaly Yug. the sacred leader of the Tibetians ca do nothing to save the human kind.
As always, insightful, wise and humble. An amazing human being. There need to be a lot more like him to start solving the world's problems. But he is a major stud is his own right. Us normal humans can work toward bettering ourselves whichever way we can.
amazing! I love the wisdom!
This is why giving freely of ourselves without thought of personal gain is actually the best strategy
+Dalai Lama  I respect you, really. But your last sentence here is just wrong. It is not kindness of others that bring the majority of our necessities to us, but rather, their limited choice in having to work for a living. Nothing I have done, during my working life yet, was from the kindness of my own heart. I simply had to do it to sustain a livelihood. What you speak of relates more to charity (which I'm 100% for), but unfortunately, as the majority already know, charity does not not make the world go round. Therefore and in that regard, people are less inclined to feel as though they live amongst the kindness of others. Just my take.
 the D.L. is the man , but as someone named Ava said we should be be kind to all(paraphrasing of course) there are people who study as a way of life. people who are in the religious path greater than we understand , people who dont worry about the things that we do. they worry about finding a way to teach us as a world society the answers to peaceful coexistance . unfortunately we as a whole we are to evil and selfish to allow ourselves to learn . and cause of sin there is no one mind , and no willingness to understand.
i do like turtles
go on youtube and find the video with a facebook chat including turtles it funny
got 2 see it!!
Peace can be found in just seeing a photo of this beautiful person
I think perhaps the last sentence is not true for us yet perhaps true to a Buddhist monk
Seems to be an accurate statement. Why is it easy to forget these things sometimes? 
people work hard to earn live-hood---it is simple economy
That's true we have 2 b thankful of what we have and get
Only great lessons I've had in my life because of him.
That true we are in essence living by the support of ourselves, hence human being must unite and let love get a chance
Jeh M
i acknowledge them all.
So true,something to think about often
Naive not wise. This may be true in his village but in America people are money hungry grubbing fakes. If there were so many kind people looking out not for themselves but us, then why is there over 2.5 million homeless in the u.s.(all time record high) and over 3 million millionaires(another record high in the u.s.) If you could count all the kind people in the world, you would understand why there is so many more homeless people then there are kind. His words would make more sense if we lived in a fairy tale
Well Ryan, if you pay attention to how he is talking then it becomes clear that, yes that concept is unrealistic at the current time but his words are meant more to be an inspiration for the common folk to help change thing instead of letting them become more stagnant by complaining. We are the tools that are needed to help those who don't have the means to help themselves and through us, the lack of balance can be altered, even if it won't be easy it is still very much possible. Also, I'm not calling you out or saying your wrong, I just want to help convey a message that will, in time, help solve the problem we face.
The wisdom that the greal Dalai Lama speaks is an inherent knowledge in us all. Like him, we all need to just take the time out every now and again to make these realizations and make random pearls of wisdom into everyday common sense.
+Tor Stimmed you have misunderstood the statement. It isn't about the function of an economy, on a myopic level. It is about the state of our society, and how people become obsessed with the accumulation of "things" and "money". There is nothing wrong or impure about working hard, and earning a living. It is when the focus of your life becomes centered around the concept of "more", as it is with most of the people in our world. Your reply indicates that this quote is, in fact, about you. Given multiple possible explanations of the words provided, you immediately went to one which was unreasonable, in order to excuse you own misplaced perspective.
ok the n lets just say that the world is just a big bin of treats, and we are just dogs kept on invisible leashes. depending on the tricks we perform dictates the quality reward we can recieve.
I agree with that. Read if you want what God said in the Qur'an:

 Is it they who apportion thy Lord's mercy? We have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of the world, and raised some of them above others in rank that some of them may take labour from others; and the mercy of thy Lord is better than (the wealth) that they amass. Chapter 43: verse 32.
It's more fun getting to the 'top' than it is when you get there!(methinks) I think I was happier starting out than I am now where everything is so easy to get.
this is amazing. so inspirational!
I hate to see u mad
And I hate to see u sad
An im tryin to give u stuff  u aint ever had
So baby please don’t judge me by my past
And if this my frist song then it wont be my last
And I need u in my life (*2)
And I cant sleep at nite
And im huggin that pillow tight
When im  watchin them tears come from ur eyes
So lilmama  it be ight  at nite
Never let those bed bug bite
Real talk st talk
I need u in my life   
Why is this regarded as meaningful, most of it simply makes no sense at all
re: "Why is this regarded as meaningful, most of it simply makes no sense at all?" Read it again, dude. 
David Mulcrone: read it again while you are thinking about someone or something you are grateful for. Maybe it will make more sense?
Binary SOLO 000010! It's what u think it to mean
Was reading Albert Einstein "World As I See It" 1-2 hours ago.

Here is what I saw: "When we survey our lives and endeavours we soon observe that almost the whole of our actions and desires are bound up with the existence of other human beings. We see that our whole nature resembles that of the social animals. we eat food that others have grown, wear clothes that others have made, live in houses that others have built. ... we have, therefore, to admit that we owe our principal advantage over the beasts to the fact of living in human society."

I wonder how many more people have to say that before we all will start to act like human society in all aspect of our live?
...I think all is provided by God through other people.
its all about livity and creation of the most high....
John Ef
all these too shall pass
I love the knoladge u learn from this stuff
Money is the facilitator for the wonderful quality of life we enjoy. Cash is the fairest means of exchange history has ever produced. 
+Chris Beach what?! You mean government forcibly taking from us the work of our labor and giving it to others who haven't earned it isn't the key to universal happiness and peace? But it sounded so good on paper!
+Zina Magdalina  "Complete self-sufficiency IS possible and I am working towards it."

Posted on an internet bulletin board?  :ironic facepalm:
"We work for ourselves and while we work for ourselves we give to others". ~ Dala Manio
Cu Lu
thank you :)
Our Good fortune is contingent on our hard work. We cannot control what others do, and hence we cannot give credit to what others do for us. There must have been a reason for which others had helped us, ensuing which they would somehow be helped.
Cuanta verdad, no nos detenemos a pensar nunca en ello. Gracias :)
Atli Sh
never thought of that
It goes to we all need each other.
just believe him! and then think about - and u can't prove anything wrong?
Be safe Man°f°light}°{they of word split apart. May your journeys be full to carry you on. Loot be unsafe °{
I do not think it is kindness that drives people to provide others with what they need. People provide others with goods and services for economic gain.
Fuck everyone who posted here. Bunch of cunts 
Things can always be worse... but are better due to others... Makes me wonder why we hate in the first place.  
he's a smart fella! just kidding, cheers for that, really makes you think differently.
well hello from Lovelace Nii Yemoh Kpabi Tetteh house number 22 Lily West Africa Accra Ghana Teshie Nungua Estate.
Absolutely true... Even when there are also people who love to make other's life a circus... Well, I suppose one needs them for betterment's sake!
Humans are so dependant on others so much so that even from the time of its birth , it is the only mammal/animal that is the most helpless when it is born.
All animals are programmed to move or stand on their own immediately after birth, except for humans. Even a kangaroo's baby crawls up into its mothers pouch on its own. Comparably human babies are helpless and it is the rest of us that pitch in and help that life till even after death, because we have loved ones visiting our graves , and if there are no loved ones, someone still is taking care of our final physical resting places.
I'm not a follower of Buddha, however, I believe your words to be true to an extent.  What you call kindness, I call hard work to make a living.  Unfortunately too many kind workers are grossly underpaid for their hard work.  Therefore those who can buy, can buy more cheaply.  Those who cannot earn enough must go hungry.
Humans are the only animals that can come back home after 30-70 years and her/him mom will never reject her/him
Updates like these help me feel better for donating to the FreeTibet cause. It's all true, though I wish it wasn't so...
i like this googe+ and love the the quote..
Thanks Mr Lama. So glad you could take time out from praying, chanting and freeing Tibet to post on Google+. Top One.
the desire for good fortune brings on suffering... mmmm , who said that, was it a Buddhist or a Marxist. People don't build things to be kind, they build for greed and possession, hey Dalai, you're slipping, back to the meditating old fella...:) yeah I know..I'm coming back as a scrub tick on the arse of feral cat .
It is better that one man dies for the people than that the whole nation perish.
compassion for our fellow man. peace be with you
Simple truth and wisdom from the Dalai Llama. Hare Krishna!
. . . something always to keep in mind, to be appreciative of others service. Still, few of these services are available to us simply on the merits of philanthropy but on the ambition, prudent business decisions, and work ethic of people looking out for own well being. Let us also pray that they imbue loving kindness into their services and products as well.
Conversation I want to see: The Lama and ICP discuss magnets.
Ra Amen
Kindness & desire...
hello are you really the Dalai Lama nice to meet your sir
Thanks for reminding us of how greatful we all should be to each other
This is very true and similar to something Rudolf Steiner said almost 100 years ago and restated below.

The healthy social life is found
  When in the mirror of each human soul
  The whole community is shaped,
  And when in the community
  Lives the strength of each human soul.
louella I don't know you but I just want to ask you a question how did you do the heart
Yes, we live in mutual relationship but it will be more enhanced that everything should be based on love to other human. Because not all of human being fortunated from other people works because they are very unfortunated. Those who have been enriched from the resources of  less fortunated people should think to improve their impoverished life with two approaches: charity and economically empowerment through capacity building and rid all the economy trade barriers non ideological trade base.
You are absolutely correct.
Can you please visit Toledo Ohio
I bet if u look up wisdom in the dictionary u would see a picture of this guy
Some wise words. Everyone contributes to the well being of others no matter hope little or great the contribution is.
Thats true Dalai Lama... It is like how some expect more from someone who has given so much already
it makes me think of a passage I just read in a physiology textbook that talked about how the social congress of cells all benefit from the actions of others to maintain homeostasis of the organism. It is the combined effort that is necessary to maintain the established order/life...

all that said, I would like to cast a touch of pessimism towards the comment... a lot of the kindess of others is forced by the unkindness of those who manipulate them... I doubt the workers of the sweatshops make clothing because the thought of clothing our ungrateful asses brings them any kind of heart swelling warmth.
Humans desire one thing and that is control... We cannot improve our fate but perhaps we can better it with choices that willbenefit more than ourselves.. Some cannot imagine a life without money and yet many must face that reality and die.....I wish for that too change
Thanks for this piece of wisdom :-)
Dalai, You are brilliant and you have my appreciation.. The internet is a horrible place for some and people such as yourself make it that much easier. Insight is much needed in these dark times
Yet profit is their motivation to provide, much to often.
Profit? Yea it is an undying motivation because we need to to survive.. And if we do a bad job at something, we must try harder until breaking point... I think its easier without Profit.. If people work together maybe that would be better than sitting around paying others? I am aware I sound like a "Treehugger" and in some ways I am but I am not a full sort.... A little less conflict goes a long way
why is "tree-hugger" a bad thing again?..never understood that
J Gohil
Really nice....
That's called GREAT TEAMWORK!! To share and care others...
Definitely! It is because of these PRODUCERS that our lives are so easy today. It gives such a pride to be a producer rather than a parasite, putting our 'want' as the prerequisite to be fed, rather than EARNING IT!! But unfortunately, it is not so. The very people who feed on others see to it that the givers are destroyed!! so sickening!!
Producer+ Consumer= Us...We all help each other
Thank the DEVINE for Everything and see DIVINITY in Everything.
i support this .
m thankful to God who didn't send me alone on this earth.
+Amin Arabi, buddhism is a philosofy, which says that happiness is possible now, and you have to do the work.

And your happiness is influenced by other people's happiness, so...

Well said and very true.... As we know the work we do, we must appreciate others sweat as well..
le parole del DALAI LAMA sono la conferma che ognuno di noi e indispensabile per gli altri e che il contributo delle altre persone e utile ed è fondamentale nella crescita di ognuno di noi
We can't do nothing without the cooperation and support of others..
Do you feel as important as you are? Are you as important as you feel?
right ! we never think about, but it's simple truth, and we should be happy to be part of it
We are part and parcel of others existence and beings of others blessings while we are on this earth
I believe kindness and respect to each others and thanking people everiday for what are giving to us even if we haven't got the chance to do it   personally, when we'll see what they have being doing is something that make us feel proud of being part of them
We think alike.
I know now I am at peace within..Thank you
Im a part of you and you a part of me. We are all parts of the whole. Together we stand!!
Think of it this way Bobby:

When you throw up a ball does it float away? The laws of nature would not allow that on the earth.  You have thrust with your being both physically and mentally an object in a specific direction whether to make a basket, hit over the net, or make a better life for you and your family.  

Is a descending ball any less valuable than an ascending one? Is the goal not to land eventually for a the shot, the score, or for a restful period of time? I would probably be more worried if you were just lukewarm and floating through life without the highly skilled, all your effort, and execution of your hearts passions.  

It just feels funny is all.  Think about a race.  I used to run track and you put forth all your effort in the race and hit the finish line exhausted, gasping for breath, and mentally drained, expended. That doesn't mean it is forever, just that you put forth an excellent effort and now it is time to regroup, reevaluate, set strategy, rest, and find your footing once more.  

Everything has blessings (both sides of the coin).  Have a good week
It is always a time of decision as I recently heard it called. Each one of us, each and every moment is in a time of decision to go right or follow wrong, to add to this life of ours or take away from the goodness that abounds. It is always a time of decision. Claim your own life. Decide.   
Absolutely correct....knowing this fact but in unconscious state of mind  we repeat the same wrong doing in conscious and  alert state of mind.
Thanks for always sharing your wisdom. This post has affirmed my value of supporting my parents when they're old instead of sending them off to a seniors' nursery home because they've always been taking care of me. And I should give back to my community.
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