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Dakar Rally Raid - Endurance Rally Racing


Dakar Rally Raid - Endurance Rally Racing

2017 Dakar - Rally Raid  - 
Mammoet Rallysport - The first footage of their new Renault Sherpa rally-raid truck
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Camelia Liparoti - Dakar 2016. Italian-born Camelia Liparoti took an untraditional path to the Dakar Rally..The former Photo reporter specialized in skiing before discovering the Dakar on photo assignment in 2005.  
During a trip to Africa, she gained the opportunity to ride a quad and found her calling, finding many parallels to skiing in glide, speed, pitch and feedback.
The now resident of France first entered the Dakar in 2009, and was unable to finish.  She hasn’t missed the event since, proving her worth with Top 15 finishes 2010-2015, with her best finish at 9th in 2012, and the first female moto-quad finisher in 2013.   
A six-time world rally champion offroad racer, she proves that she is a serious contender.
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That does not look like - as circulated in social media - Gordon pulled out of race and did not finish cause he assisted team involved in accident. That's half of it. By the video he CAUSED the accident.....

What a poor judgment call related incident with people getting hurt as ending of an more as poor performance during #Dakar2016 #TeamSpeed #RobbyGordin #PuraImprudencia  
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Dakar 2016 - Stage 12 - San Juan to Villa Carlos Paz. Trucks have a different course and distance as the other classes.
Bikes, Quads, Cars: 450 km / 279.6 miles
Trucks: 599 km / 372.2 miles
Special Stage
Bikes, Quads, Cars: 481 km / 298.9 miles
Trucks: 267 km / 165.9 miles
The penultimate stage of the 2016 Dakar will take the field from San Juan to Villa Carlos Paz, the Argentinean city that also was the destination of stage one.
After the sandy terrain of the previous stages the Dakar now returns to the mountains and narrow roads offering nearly no opportunity to overtake. The competitors will have to cover a total of 931 kilometers, with the special stage mileage adding up to 481 kilometers.
#Dakar2016 #RallyRaid  
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Dakar 2016 - Stage 10 - Belen - La Rioja.
Bikes: 283 km / 175.8 miles
Quads: 283 km / 175.8 miles
Cars: 485 km / 301.4 miles
Trucks: 237 km / 147.3 miles
Special Stage
Bikes: 278 km / 172.7 miles
Quads: 278 km / 172.7 miles
Cars: 278 km / 172.7 miles
Trucks: 431 km / 267.8 miles
In stage 10, the competitors will have to race from Belén to La Rioja. And again, the mainly challenge of the stage will be dunes – the Dakar’s special highlight.
The stage will feature an innovation: the start.
The first 10 bikes, 10 cars and 5 trucks will start in the order of the times they set the day before.
The total distance covered will add up to 763 kilometers, 278 of them in the special stage!
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X-raid team boss Sven Quandt has admitted he was baffled by Dakar officials. "We didn't stop with the altitude, but we stop with the the heat. It's funny."
Quandt was also critical of the first week of competition, which he reckons was designed to help Peugeot.
"This looks more to help others to win after we've won for four years."
#Dakar2016 #RallyRaid #TheDakar #OffRoad #TripTagger +Rally Raid +Herald Rodriguez +Offroad +TripTagger Intl. 
X-raid team boss Sven Quandt has admitted he was baffled by Dakar officials' decision to stop the ninth stage of the event on Tuesday due to the heat.
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The evolution of this motorcycle is amazing!! From #BMW to #Husqvarna to #Speedbrain to #Hero - still running strong :) reminds me at the old #EnergyzerBunny
Expect to see them at the #Dakar2017  
Hero MotoCorp Ltd, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, today forayed into the world of motorcycle rally racing. The newly formed ‘Hero… - Rally Raid - Google+
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#Dakar2016 was, once again, ruthless and sometimes unfair, but it is from these tests and experiments that Sherco TVS grows and becomes stronger together.
It only proves that we are continuing to advance and that we are a true player in this exceptional adventure.
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Dakar 2016 - Stage 13 - Villa Carlos Paz to Rosario. The final stage, featuring a 180-kilometer special stage, will take the field back to Rosario where the competitors will cross the finish podium in the afternoon. But these 180 kilometers once again will be quite a challenge: tight, winding, rocky, sandy… This special stage has got it all. And so, anything can happen.
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#Dakar2016 Stage 11 - La Rioja to San Juan Liaison/Connection and timed special are same distance for motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks.
Liaison 281 km / 174.6 miles - Special Stage 431 km / 267.8 miles
Stage 11 of this #Dakar will take the field from La Rioja to San Juan and keeps any kind of sand ready: soft, hard, Fech Fech.
At the same time, the 431-kilometer special stage also will feature several riverbeds.
Altogether, the competitors will have to cover 712 kilometers.
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Leading Toyota driver Giniel de Villiers has questioned the Dakar Rally officials' decision.  "I'm disappointed because I do not know what happened and why they stopped the stage,"
Asked whether the conditions were worse than those he used to encounter when Dakar was held in Africa, de Villiers said: "The temperatures then were no different.
"Drivers must be prepared for this - of course, if you don't, then it's unsafe."
#GinieldeVilliers #Toyota #Dakar2016 #TheDakar #TripTagger   #RallyRaid +Rally Raid +Offroad +Off-Road Bulletin 
Leading Toyota driver Giniel de Villiers has questioned the Dakar Rally officials' decision to cut short Stage 9, suggesting the temperatures encountered were nothing out of the ordinary.
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Laia Sanz been far up in my "respect ratings" for her performances. She just made it further up!!
Who better as an racer can make this statement??
"Finally we’ve seen a true Dakar stage. This is how the Dakar should be, I don’t understand why they’ve cut the SS9. Dakar has always been hard, we don’t have to lower the bar now to make sure that all the bikes make the arrival on time."
May the race-gods keep a guiding hand over you!
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Dakar Rally Raid - Endurance Rally Racing
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