Rally Raid organizer ASO announces Peru, Bolivia and Argentina for #Dakar2018 with start in Lima, Peru at 6th of January 2018.
January 2018 in Peru..... hhhmmm?? And going parallel inland along the coast is asking for it....
We had already enough stage cancellations during last events.....
Fans AND racers want what Dakar supposedly is: A long distance Desert Rally Raid with dunes, sand and heat!!
So, do not get this post as negative, just posting some facts with scientific background.
Did they check the climate prediction center (CPC) and ENSO? ENSO is a single climate phenomenon, it has three states, or phases, it can be in. The two opposite phases, “El Niño” and “La Niña,” require certain changes in both the ocean and the atmosphere
El Niño is officially over according to NOAA’s climate prediction center and La Niña is likely on the way! Because many La Niña events last two or three years, there is already a slightly enhanced probability of La Niña in 2017-18, if history is any guide. In other words the #RallyRaid2018 may be right in the thick of that......
With 9 month to go to #Dakar2018 here some current news out of Peru.
Peru’s president said late last week that the flooding is the worst for the country since one of the strongest El Niño years on record.
"There hasn’t been an incident of this strength along the coast of Peru since 1998,” President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said in a statement Friday.
Authorities in Peru have temporarily closed 23 ports due to abnormal waves thought to be linked to a “coastal El Nino” weather pattern, as the country suffers its worst flooding in decades.
The closure through at least Wednesday was ordered by Peru’s Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation.
Scientists say the coastal El Nino, with ocean temperatures about 5C warmer than normal, has been causing heavy rains in the Andes, filling rivers to the brink and triggering the flooding.
At least 78 people have died and more than 10,600 houses have been destroyed in the flooding, according to the country’s Institute for Civil Protection.
The deaths occurred in floods or landslides in the South American country, where 1,900 kilometers of roads have also been destroyed.
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