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Saw this foosball table in a store and remembered the only thing I associate it with the most - F.R.I.E.N.D.S - So here's an ode to the much-loved TV show.
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When it comes to raising our children, nowadays, we look more towards the latest scientific research in the field than back to our ancient texts and scriptures. However, parenting is not a new science and every generation of parents have faced similar challenges when raising their successors.

With this in mind, here are 15 wise, thought-provoking quotes from Ancient India to ponder and apply to your particular parenting puzzle/dilemma. These quotes are attributed to Tamil philosopher and poet, Thiruvalluvar, who is thought to have lived in southern part of India (today’s Tamil Nadu state) sometime between 4th Century B.C and 1st Century B.C. Despite the time lapse, his parenting philosophy is as much relevant for today’s generation as it was back then.
#thiruvalluvar #parenting #quotes #children

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It is no secret that I hate wasting time scheduling my social media feeds. But if you are a blogger like me, well, it is a necessary evil that you can’t escape. You can’t simply write a blog post and hope that readers will show up! You have to promote it – multiple times, if need be – if you are to attract readers from different social media channels on to your blog. But every platform has its own idiosyncrasies and getting the look and feel of your posts right, planning for the best times to post and so on and so forth, month after month can get pretty exhausting. Add to it the amount of time you have to spend curating “best in your niche” content to fill up your queues and soon enough, you would start questioning whether you are a “real” blogger or simply a social media marketer.

Are you looking for a tool for ramping up your social media presence for your online business? Do you hate wasting an excessive amount of time on social media doing repetitive tasks instead of real "socializing"? Well, then Viraltag could be the solution for you. Read my comprehensive review of this Social Media Scheduling Tool and decide for yourself :)
#socialmedia #scheduling #viraltag #bloggingtips

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It is no secret that I love the TED Talks given by Sir Ken Robinson on creativity and education. There is so much to learn from his views about modern-day education and creativity, that I decided to make a video of my favorite nuggets of wisdom from him. This is as much for you, who will find value in it, as it is for me. Every time the rat race gets on my nerves, I wish to revisit this post and remember that my creativity needs – rather demands – my unique abilities.
#education #creativity #sirkenrobinson #TEDed

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As an introverted mom, I had rued the loss of alone time since the birth of our son. I had fought for it, sacrificed sleep for a slice of the quiet hours of the night and been depressed when silence, space, and distance had become a rarity in my long, noise- and touch-filled days. For five-plus years, it was the pattern of my life.

What happens when a mom's wish for alone-time is granted? Read on.
#introvertedmom #quiettime #alonetime #parenting #quietparenting

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As parents, you want the very best for your children, no matter how old they get. Whether they are in their pre-teens or teens, you want to be able to instill good habits in them that enable them to succeed in their lives. Making your children focus on their studies is an everyday challenge that almost all parents face in this regard. But instead of this being a constant source of anxiety for you, being smart about it is the way forward. After all, no one enjoys sitting at home doing homework or reading textbooks all the time! Here are a few tricks that could help you encourage your children to focus on their studies, even for the subjects they don’t particularly enjoy.
#parenting #children #education

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Now that summer is finally upon us, it is the time of year for attending outdoor events. Along with a new summer wardrobe, you may also be looking to adapt your makeup for the new season. Ultimately, you want it to give off a fresh and vibrant look that fits in with this time of year. So, let’s take a closer look at a few summer makeup tricks and techniques that you can try out to look stunning this season.
#summer #makeup #makeupguide #beauty #fashion

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All bloggers need their post details (like title, permalink, short link, excerpt etc.) preferably in Excel format, for easier accessibility during social media scheduling. However, unless you make it a point to save this information every time you publish a new post, it could get unmanageable pretty fast. The master sheet could also end up being out of sync if halfway through your blogging journey, you decide to change your post details (for SEO or Other reasons).
So, if you are interested in a free, simple PHP code hack to get this done, then read on...
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The schools are out, and the summer holidays are here. Having spent months in classrooms, eating school lunches and going to bed early, your children will be looking forward to the freedom that the summer months bring.

While many parents would love to take time off work and spend as much time as possible with their children during the summer holidays, but grown-up vacation time is limited. Also, most people can’t afford to send their children off to summer camps or spend money on childcare. Even for parents who stay at home, they will have the added responsibility of keeping their brood entertained and active. This can be particularly daunting when there are multiple children of different ages to look after. There are many budget-friendly indoor and outdoor ideas to make the most of the summer months. Here are a few ideas for you to try.
#parenting #frugalparenting #savemoney #summer

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Children can be little devils when they’re restless. More so, during the summer months when the long school break and ample daylight can make them excitable from dawn until late evening. They’ll run around, scream, shout, cry, and what not. They may even damage things around the house or worse, injure themselves if they go overboard in their enthusiasm.

Dealing with restless children can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you’re willing to analyze the situation and figure out why your children are feeling the way they are in the first place.
#parentingtips #children #restlessness #summer
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