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As March 22 2016 release v1.11 of the Google .Net client library support for .Net Framework 4.0 has been discontinued (see [#696][1]).

There is currently an issue with the Nuget Get packages with regard to trying to install them on .Net 4.0 projects it should download the old no longer supported or developed upon packages. It is not working the work around would be to download the previous v1.10 version yourself. ([Link][2])

Or you can upgrade your project to .net framework 4.5 and use the supported portion of the library.

You should be aware:

If you choose to continue to use the .Net 4.0 version of the library be aware that there will be no further updates. This is not just in the core library but also all of the generated API libraries. If the API you are using release or changes anything you will not get any of these changes.

To load a previous version you can use the following command

Install-Package Google.Apis.Drive.v3 -Version

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I am a big fan of StackOverflow. They just gave me a bunch of invites for STackOverflow Careers. If you one want follow this link.
Anyone who clicks it will be given an invitation, until I run out of invitations – first come, first served.


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Which type are you?

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Sometimes we have ideas we think are good and other times we seam to have lost the plot.

Why would a restaurant appointments  think that there customers would want all of the restaurant appointments copied to their Google calendar?   

If i give you access to write to my calendar I am also giving you access to read from it.  You could read my calendar and find out that i am free on Friday and send me a message we have a table just for you.    I think i just released why this company wants to do this.

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How do you keep your client id secret when you release your applications?


I was just playing with the YouTube api.  Has anyone heard of YouTube CMS before.  onBehalfOfContentOwner  and onBehalfOfContentOwnerChannel these parameter is intended for YouTube content partners that own and manage many different YouTube channels. 

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Remember on April 20, 2015 Google will be shutting down OAuth1, if you are using it with the Google Analytics APIs your code is not going to work.

You need to fix your code before April 20, 2015.


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There are a lot of very useful interesting calendars available.

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Another service account is not me question on Stack over flow.  Did you know that students get unlimited drive accounts?     I want an unlimited drive account, does a student of life count?    

No, wait that's probably a bad idea. Considering that I treat it like my closet and just dump everything in there.     Is there such a thing as spring cleaning your drive account?    There should be.

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RT Stephane Hamel: Speaking at the Digital Strategy Conference, Sept-30-Oct-2, Ottawa #measure
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