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Deconstructing Limits

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I have a project I'd like someone to make for me, for cash, if it's cool to do things like that here. It's to demo a concept. The thing is a wooden platform about 6" diameter and a couple of inches high (more is ok if needed to make it work). It has an electromagnet in it that can be dialed up to full power and down to zero using a dial on the side. The top doesn't have to be wood. It could be metal or anything but I want it to look nice. The aim is to have a pile of paperclips or other small metal objects and demonstrate how more charge lets you build a taller, stronger structure, then as the juice dials down (as the charge decreases) the paperclip structure slumps and at "off" it has no structure at all. Is there a way I should go about making this request?  Email me at if you're interested or have a suggestion about how to get this made. I have no way to do it myself. 

Emergency: How do I start the broadcast? I am all ready to go from inside G+ for an unlisted hangout and see the preview, 100% loaded, but no green "Broadcast" button. What do I do? 

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama in a playful mood with comedian Russell Brand during the youth event "Stand Up and Be the Change" held in Manchester, England, on June 16, 2012. Photo/Chloe Crewe-Read

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Energy efficiency and renewables are not the only or even a sufficient approach to reducing CO2: "Grazing large herds of livestock on half of the world's barren or semi-barren grasslands could also take enough carbon from the atmosphere to bring us back to preindustrial levels"

Hi - I just dropped in because I have an audio question and hope one of you experts can help. It seems like it ought to be simple. I want to record a hangout phone call happening on my iPad 4 while I'm wearing earbuds. Is there an app that will do that, including Garageband? I know little about this so speak slowly and clearly, please. 

I have a question. Using an iPad to do a hangout, is there an app that will record the audio portion? I have "Supernote" which is great for live recording but it ends the hangout when I try to use it at the same time. This is all legal and aboveboard, just need the audio to work from later. Suggestions? 

Hi, I hope this is not OT here. I want to find a reliable VA to record 21 sessions of an online class (Hangouts on Air) from Youtube (or download the recording from Youtube) (3 a week 1- 1.5 hours each) in Screencast (just because that's what I use), do a rough edit (trim the ends and major boo-boos), upload the result to my EVS account, then embed that in my member area, and separate the audio and upload that to my member area. Do you know someone you would recommend? Thanks. 

Hi Everyone,

Here's what I'm trying to do and cannot yet figure out. I hope someone here can help. I am preparing to offer an online course and want to conduct it with HOAs as the communication channel.

I don't want the participants to have to go through technology hoops like getting inside G+. Many of them find this an impossible hurdle. 

My HOAs can be obscured through deleting G+ notifications. That's good enough (unless I'm missing something). 

I also want a private community for the duration of the class and probably from then on. For ease and familiarity I am looking at having a Facebook community on a "secret" page. A secret page is  invisible to anyone unless invited. Membership and comments are invisible as well.   

Ideally I want to have the HOA stream on the Facebook Page to focus community attention and interaction there through Facebook comments (visible only on this exact page). 

I'm looking at 22s, a Facebook app which supposedly will do this, but have a problem at the moment with doing it on a secret page. Tech support is looking at it. 

Here's the question: Do you have any other suggestions for ways to run the HOAs privately and with good, linked, ongoing commenting over a period of weeks or months? Thanks for any ideas. 

It's a very useful gadget and I look forward to its evolution. Thanks for the invitation. #hangouttoolbox  
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