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A drunken trainee teacher who crashed her car sparked a huge emergency by pretending she was in an accident involving 10 people.
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Rob Fig
What a mess!.
not sure what you do with idiots like this
S Mann
Another good reason to stay away from that shit called alcohol
She probably just blew a decent job away
Malik. Most intelligent people can drink alcohol without getting drunk or behaving like a moron. The prophet Jesus used his first miracle to turn water into wine .  Wine that makes the heart rejoice... "And wine that makes the heart of mortal man rejoice..." (Psalm 104:15). According to scripture Drunkards will not inherit gods kingdom. Its only the Koran that condemns the drinking of alcohol but then it also supports child molesting as The prophet married a six year old girl but at least he waited until she was 9 before he consummated that marriage with her. According to the Hadiths that is although still denied of course. Sorry Malik no the Koran doesnt support child molesters its author does.
S Mann
+daniel fairclough alcohol can be enjoyed responsibly but your judgment gets clouded whilst consuming it.therefore it can be difficult to judge when to stop. For me it makes sense not to drink at all than to be at the risk of drinking too much. No one wants to get drunk to a state where they cause accidents, commit crimes and are general nuisance. Yet it happens anyway because of loss of control over the mind and body.
Unless you are telling me that all drunkards are intentionally drunk?

With regards to your paedophilia allegation, firstly I'm very disappointed in your choice if words to say that the Qur'an supports child molestation. You make is sound as if there is a chapter in the Qur'an on how to bed children. By your explanation, there must be several chapters in the bible for it too as many priests are guilty of child molestation. I would expect a higher level of understanding and sensitivity from you.

It is a scientific fact that women can mature at different ages and as low as 8 yrs old, puberty can strike. This is a medical fact.

And as you rightly said, the prophet waited three years before consamating. Why would he wait three years if the Qur'an supports paedophilia? Surely six years was fine. Isn't it a General rule " the younger the better" in child molestation?

In India the legal age for sex is 18, but in Texas it's 16. Does this mean that Texans are advocating ,supporting,promoting underage sex as well? Do Indians have the right to call them paedophiles?

Jesus was not merely a prophet. He was and is the Son of God and is God in the flesh, the sole mediator between man and God and the only way to the Father. He lived and died on a cross and on the third day rose from the dead. Anybody or any belief denying this is an Antichrist .

Peter can you prove that? The only evidence for jesus Christ is in the gospels written, a hundred years after the death of Christ at the earliest 40 years after the crucifixion. A sentence in the histories by herodotus which proves nothing. So until there is proof positive it is simply faith you are professing much like Malik & others.

S Mann
+daniel fairclough +Peter MacCabe let's just stick to the article. Looks like we might be trolling.

What a dumbass to drive under the influence let alone lie about her accident. Having said that, what kind of operator believes that 12 people can fit in one taxi?

And where did daily mail get all those pics of her from lol. Snatched off fb or Twitter?
i cant believe you lot have bought religion and god into this teenagers problem. i blame the parents not teachong her better ethics. hopefully she will learn a valuable lesson. 
Malik sorry. I meant the prophet not the Koran its apologies. 
S Mann
+Amrit Singh under the influence of alcohol, when sometimes you can't even remember your own name, why would you remember your parents taught ethics?
Unless you mean ethics to not get drunk?
Amrit got off subject. But didn't mention gods name just religion. 
+Amrit Singh and who are you telling? You might have some manners and ask but don't give orders. You don't own this forum.
S Mann
+daniel fairclough doesn't matter.end of topic on religion was a few posts ago.topic now is this girl :)

Another time and place.
Btw, you said point which post?
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