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Does Facebook want to know what you're watching on TV? Firm set to start allowing users to 'check in' to favourite shows
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Far too much excessive snooping going on on Facebook, bit worrying as the bloke running it worked for the CIA
It was a natural progression. FB is on the slide and needs to do something about it.
Let it slide, snooping is out, enough of that rubbish.
Unless I've misunderstood, this is up to the user to check in. This concept is no different to people checking in their locations or revealing what music they're listening to. I.e. It's all down to the user's choice and Facebook isn't snooping anything. 
Still getting more like a big brother... The advertising will then be even more fine tuned for us :-) prefer google circles more and more :-)
+Colette Shaw fair enough :-). But it's not really big brother if one is choosing to opt into a service. It's not like Facebook is forcing you to opt in or making it difficult to opt out. Not yet anyway... 
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