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Is this the best fake UFO clip ever? See if you can spot where reality and CGI effects meet in director's hoax masterpiece

Click here to watch the video:
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I'll let you have this one, daily Mail, this is actually interesting
One day real footage will be exposed! I believe there must be other intelligent life forms in existence!
Wow so UFOs really don't exist am glad it was the good old reliable mail that told me makes it more believable!!
+Paul Garland well obviously... hence the title of the article ? do you even read bro ?
Yes I do ever heard of irony?
Yes I know and yes I did hence my comment all fake :-) 
I wounder how we would all feel if the real thing should ever turn up. 
Lets hope if it did they are friendlier than the ones in Independence Day and not as cliche as mars attacks!! Lol
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