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Britain's biggest family just got bigger: Mother gives birth to her 16th child and she already wants another baby! (Just don't ask about their food bill) -
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wow there would be 18 peoople in the fam
Think someone should buy a tv for that house lol. Great family though.
i love kids but wow family needs the own small island
God bless this family.  What a treat at Christmas this must be!
Al Raza
Its a little fucked up if you ask me.......
Tim Lee
I like number 3 haha :)
That's one way to take care of the 'middle child syndrome' ..... 
Do they not realise that the world has population issues. Imagine if we had to live by war rations.
another example of the 1% consuming 99% of the worlds finite produce. they all look like great people and kids but....enoughs ...enough?
What are they going to do when child benefit is reduced to two children. Is this really headline news.
My mother is one of 15, the youngest of 6 daughters with 9 brothers. She grew up in the 60s on a council estate, which only had four rooms. Her father, my grandfather fought in world war two, so the family lived off that money. No benefits, not even child tax benefits as it didn't exist then. My grandmother pretty much did it on rationing alone. This story isn't a shock to me.
How many of those 16 are adopted children? This is absolutely insane. Are they are able to care for the children and the family well being using their own means?
Well, with respect to all comments above, I would like to say that the children in the photo are actually looks like each other, also looks like the parents so I wonder how +Seshadri Dhanakoti asking for how many are adopted? Thanks.
I think it would be unfair in not mentioning the cause and effect of situations like the one we see here, if you are still young and maybe not privy to the relevant information and it's seriousness. People find it hard to grasp the concept of exponential growth.  A good analogy of this is a chess board. take one draft piece and place it on the first square, place double on the next square - 2 and so will reach the moon)......(same growth of 2 people having 2 children consistently through their lineage) 4 , 8 , 1 6 , 3 2 , 6 4 , 1 2 8,                                                                                 
256 ,   512,  1024 ,   2048 ,   4096 ,   8192 ,   16,384 ,    32,768,         
65,536, 131,072  , 262,144, 524,288  , 1,048,576   :-  This is mathmatically 20 generations of people having just 2 children each, taking into account every 3-5 generations there will be deaths of old age and sickness. But still well over  1,047,000 new babies born (estimate)!!!!!!!!

NOW,  let's take this stories ethics and put them into place:-
16 children same math:- 16,  256 ,  4096 ,  65,536, 1,048,576  !!!!!

just 5 generations!!!,  my great grandmother was old enough to know my son......those  ancestors and family that were those generations only scratched hundreds.

if this family continue to show this behavior to their kids, the shear lack of uninterest in their grandchildren's and the planets future, we will be starving,no finite energy resources as they stand at the moment, (no drinkable water), no fish in the sea by 2030 as estimated by marine biologists around the world. Then I'm afraid it is a great disappointment to humanity and a gross mark against us being moral and ethical beings.

self indulgencies of this degree no matter how benign or ignorant the perpetrators are still dangerous for our self-preservation, and that of the planet. It pains me to say it but if these children are not addopted or this house is a half-way house for children going through the relocation system, then maybe castration or a psychological evaluation of the mother is necessary.
I like where you're coming from. It's pure selfishness. 
+Amy Kathleen if they were adopted children even 60% of them, I'd say they are angles. So that family of 16 (+?) + 2 are completely biological. No large heartedness there?
The good thing is that they are suposed to be generating their own means, which is good. For this 37 old Mrs, it is safe to say she has spent all her meaningful adult life yet bearing children. Yes, they look loving and caring in the picture and hopefuly they are exactly the same way in their private life too. But it is a bit hard to imagine how the parents can pay good attention to their children upbringing when the Mrs is almost always pregnant and the Dad has to earn for the family table. I have children myself (small ones) and myself and my spouse intend to adopt at some point.We invest a lot of family time on children and their up bringing (playing, cuddling, story telling, excursions, holidays, gifts, dad & mom's shoulder..etc). With 16 + more coming, the whole family culture is sourrounded by birth event after birth event...just because they like having children non-stop? This is pure selfishness.  I would even ask if the children have had a normal childhood.
Contrasting them to broken families and thanking for the smile on their faces does not work. If the Dad is a good earner and for a decent size family would mean that there is more time and money spent on family well being and chidren's hapiness, education hobies, sports music etc....where do you think all that earningh is now going? Do you see the cost those children are paying for their parent's selfish passion? The sad part, take your own comment as an example, to justify their smile, you are forced to compare them to broken families and then say thank god. Why can't you compare that family  to another their equal in pay and good family culture and then see how the two families compare?

In the end, this is a free country, I have my high regard for it. Having 16 children and more coming is their choice and I respect that as a believer in free society. However it is my god given right to have my own opinion and to critique on public domain information because they live in our society.

A few questions, do you think Mr. Dad has savings planned strategically? Is he planning savings for each of his children, their medical cover just in case it goes beyond NHS, for their education, to help them fullfill their aspirations? Is it able to help his children understand the world from his perspective, help them with homework or school studies? Is is able to inspire them and fil them up with aspirations? Explain and equip them right from tender age for the child's aspiration? How big is their home? Do they have enough private space for their children? Do they know how it is to live as individuals and also play team ( as oposed to being clubed into a group and suffering attention defecit, could breed selfishness and under confidence in the child)?
The above are something I would expect from most good families that have a good family culture and values.

Fundamentally and more important, does Mr Dad know them as individuals and spend individual time or are they just groups to him given the demands placed from 16 + children?

I think they are a selfish couple.

+daley stephenson criticism does not equate to hating.
She has the patience of a saint thats all i have to say.
+Seshadri Dhanakoti Well, I think every country has sarcasm, it's not my attitude, but  it's attitude of immature silly conscienceless people. I haven't understood that you were sarcastic! Thanks.  
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