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Shocked bystanders watched as London School of Economics students vomit and spank each other in bear costumes
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Seems reasonable. What else would you expect them to be doing oh-so self-righteous +Daily Mail journalist? Studying?

Oh hold on...

Shocked bystanders watched as the students behaved like every other UK student since time began. 
Shocked bystanders watched stunned as they realised the students in question had been drinking and not snorting coke like everyone else in the Lincoln's Inn Fields district
I always wonder how students can afford to get drunk, when I went to College everyone counted their pennies to pay their tuition fees 
Looking at the pictures i would think that they are Ewoks not bears - Why would it make sense for Storm troopers to beat up bears? 
I bet you wouldn't get DM staff getting up to that kind of thing.
Our future ruling class and future bankers, joy.
Difficult to say if that is on par with streaking fashion that prevailed in US among the soon to graduate, or only slightly less disgusting.
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