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Online porn, the fight MUST go on: Furious charities hit out after ministers refuse to order an automatic block on internet filth -

Are the government failing to protect children from online porn?

The Duchess of Cambridge puts a tough few weeks behind her as she presents Sports Personality of the Year award to Bradley Wiggins -
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@Ryan. This is not entirely correct. This is how it should go, however, many sites link through other ways and children get to see this even unrequested. THAT mess seems to be larger in the UK then elsewhere. I reckon it is all those spam bots that seem to get free reign in the UK
It's a shame the +Daily Mail wishes to call this a fight, maybe that is why they are missing the common sense solutions which require parental action, rather than banning anybody and everybody with a blunt tool which will end up catching all manor of things which were not even porn related.

Have we become so useless as individuals that we need the State to guard our thoughts, and to force us to bring up our children in a particular way.

Today Porn, tomorrow political opinion.
Why are the kids channels next to adult channel on cable? Same reason watch brave new world sheep. Was there really a study?

The parents should do their job and actually parent their kids. There are filters available for people to install on their systems. If they don't do it then that's their own fault.

There should not be an automatic filter on porn or anything legal on the Internet. The only filter that the kids should have to contend with is their own parents doing their jobs. 
People should have choice, their internet provider should be able to  tell them what they are getting. Would you shop in a shop that did not sell what you want, I doubt it. So tell your provider you want no porn, if they cannot deliver then move on.
It's the internet guys... The good and Bad alike. Parents contribute a lot to this campaign, but, it's not all within their power guys... They set the foundation and can only hope for an edifice.
I'd like a Daily Mail filter please. Incredibly harmful to children and anyone else stupid enough to believe the shit it fills it's pages with.
The best way to stop kids watching porn online?

Keep the computer in the living room where anyone passing through can glance at the screen, and make sure it's running Windows Me and IE6. I guarantee, they wouldn't even dare run the risk of having that setup crash on an inappropriate page.

Problem? What problem?
The Mail Online is full of pictures of scantily clad, anorexic women. It may not be porn but it's still women dressing and posing provocatively. Does the +Daily Mail want Mail Online blocked as well?
List of safe websites seems a good option and if preventive measures result in reduction of paedophilia, very good.
+Jyotsna Gokhale, far too ineffective. If you started your own business, put a website up, how long would it be before somebody could physically checked it was ok ? How rigorously could they actually check it ?? Who makes the decision about what is and isn't unacceptable. 

I live in Saudi Arabia, here it is unacceptable for a woman to appear in adverts, for her to show her hair in public, who are we to decide what is acceptable for them, or who are they to decide what is acceptable for us ? Truth is, the whole topic is so subjective it's almost impossible to make clear decisions.

Have you any idea how many new websites appear every day ? It's simply an impossible task.

As a parent I have a duty to teach my children morals, I have the right to tell them what is right and what is wrong, nobody else does, and this is no different, nobody has the right to tell my children what they can and cannot do online except me.

Even if such a solution was workable, most dodgy sites would just dress themselves up as innocent ones, to get through the filter process, knowing full well there wouldn't be much time to make a judgement call on if it is or isn't morally corrupt.

What ever happened to the days when individuals made the choices about morality, and were responsible for their own actions.
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