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A man who pretends to be mentally and physically handicapped while he goes around the streets begging claims he makes up to $100,000 a year from his panhandling.
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¬.¬ Give the money to the people who really need it...
I wonder what he is saving up for? Retirement aint gonna pay itself. ..
if he has difficulty walking why doesn't he use the money to go to physio to strengthen his legs....then get a job
One side we have a honest homeless man returning a diamond ring and gets $150k in donations other side we have this Pratt.
This has a profound effect, you act like this, one day his family members will end up like this, using disability to con ppl
He should go and feed the homeless
Well done mate, at least he's not sitting at home watching sky tv with all the channels with his 10 kids while being on benefits pretending to be disabled and not even thinking about getting a job!
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