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Today's front page: 'Tory Obama plots to oust the PM': MP behind secret bid for party leadership revealed -

Why won't Adele let me see my grandson?
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Is he called "Tory Obama" in the tabloids just because of his skintone?

I hope not because I seriously thought we were past all that 
This story has the ability to undermine both Cameron and Afriyie. For Cameron, it questions the length of his leadership. For Afriyie, it makes him look like a mischievous MP who most people have never heard of. Also, evidence behind the story seems quite flakey to me. I'm not really sure what to think on this one. 
'Tory Obama' .... only in the Daily Mail.
Adele won't let me see my grandson? ... Who fu***g cares?
Awful non story made worse for the closet racism. 
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