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Today's front page: If he won't quit just sack him! MPs and bereaved families demand NHS chief is axed -
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They never quit. They have no honour. Like his mentors at Nuremberg he'll just claim he was 'following orders.'
Looks a hard heartless person and as thick as they come...... SACK HIM
+Rachel Dolman Must add, no pay-off, no golden handshake, no gilt-edged pension and NO 'productivity' bonus.

There's no such thing as the sack with that filth when public money's involved.
Makes you laugh everyone thinks the NHS is a wondrous institution when all it really is a money pit offering below par service and costing every taxpayer in this country a fortune.

Danny Boyles opening ceremony didn't help but you can guarantee he has private health.

The NHS should be scrapped the money every worker would save would be more than enough to pay for private health care and it might encourage some of the benefit career mob to get a job.
I have now been waiting for an on call Dr to come out to see my Mum whose 80. I called them just gone 3 pm its now 7:47 and still no Dr. What the bloody hell is going on. I will ring 999 see if someone will come to her then. This is truly not on it stinks
+Ryan Barlow Couldn't agree more. If only more people can shake off this religious belief in State run monopolies.

Shits like the one in the picture above actually outnumber doctors in the NHS and they make a nice living doing nothing other than feathering their nests.
+Rachel Dolman And how much do these doctors earn who can't be bothered to turn up? Why should we pay for a service that only looks after bloodsuckers like David Nicholson (Sir?)
Exactly..... They want all the infirm going into care home where they take their home away from them and make more profit. The government and health service just looks after themselves. THEY ALL LINE THEIR OWN BLOODY POCKETS..... DISGUSTING

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