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So should people that get
injured doing sports and hobbies have to pay ?
What about the alcoholic binge drinkers that get hurt whilst drunk or fighting?
If we start this charging people because of they're lifestyle where will it end ?
poor homer simpson would fight to repeal that one
I agree +Tony Myers! If they pick on one group they have to pick on them all... 
Don't be ridiculous +Joshua Haigh. The conditions discussed by the MP are to do with lifestyle choices, nothing to do with race or genes.
Alcoholics before binge eating or otherwise overweight, certainly, although both are victims of circumstances of rich nations more often than admitted. Food once normal and safe is now horribly unsafe due to switch from sugar to hfcs, and almost no customers have a warning about this a la tobacco products; and alcohol in nations with pub culture is almost a must, especially for males to prove manhood, even at cost of health and lives of children and family. This culture needs to change and warnings re hfcs ought to be posted on products at the very least. Soft drinks, all sorts of desserts and more, ketchup and cookies and pastry, everything is dangerous due to hfcs.
I'm all for private healthcare. Then we'll see if people are still eating donuts as soon as they wake up.
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