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Madeleine McCann's mother has ploughed £1million from book sales back into the search for her missing daughter
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Such a sad story. I'm glad they have found ways to keep raising awareness and funding their continued search for the little girl.
I have thought that maybe Gerry Mc Cann was telling the truth at the beginning of the trip when he said he was not there to enjoy himself. Everyone has concentrated on Maddy and her disappearance, but what if this story has another element and I am not meaning the peadofile one. What if he was tied up in a drug situation. They travelled in a way that their baby luggage would disguise the fact that they were carrying drugs and they could excuse it by saying they were doctors. Gerry made a few solitary trips to another part of town, missing tennis bag, government involvement...what if it was something to do with the government and Maddy died accidently, perhaps stumbled on the drugs. Aged 3 she was in a bed not a cot and had been left alone with two babies in cots. She, it must be assumed, was drugged by the parents in the same way as the other children which was proven when they did not wake up. Opportunistically they have made money out of it but prior to it, there was evidence that they were not wealthy in spite of their jobs. Were they being blackmailed? Were the others in the group in on it? There is more to this than the disappearance of a child. Too much effort has gone into photoshopping pictures, elaborate lies and the large amount of money and lifestyle change of the mccanns. The bible verse marked by Kate said something to the effect of a child being sacrificed. This may not have been a literal interpretation. The more you tgink about this event, the more interesting it becomes....
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