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'We're just raising money for charity': Female rower who stripped for naked calendar defends herself from feminist blogger's attack

Do naked calendars for charity set back the cause of feminism? Join our debate:
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Naked calendars for charity is soo last millennium...
It doesn't harm anyone and, if it raises money for charity, then great. 
It bothers me slightly to see people complain when women do this for charity but say nothing when men do the same thing.

About the time of one of the previous Twilight movies one person said the audience was one of the most sexist he had ever seen. Imagine if the genders were changed around. What would be the reaction if a bunch of middle aged men were to go to a movie and cheer on a bunch of topless teenaged girls...
Getting money out of sickos to do good. Even poor and sick people have dignity. I would have used my body one time to feed my children if they had been starving and there was no other way but is that the same. There are other ways!!!
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