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Vegetarians' horror at plans by Walkers to add meat to smoky bacon and roast chicken crisps for the first time
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If you're a vegetarian why would you want something that tastes of meat anyway?
+Lauren Pears - that depends. The idea of them adding actual meat when the meat itself can't even be labelled correctly is a little ironic.
They'll probably taste better :-) 
Really like to c a veggie persons views, think we should respect all peoples views
I have no issue with Walkers adding meat to their meat flavoured crisps! 
I'm a veggie and I don't think vegetarian = hypocrite and no I don't moan about every fucking thing I don't eat walkers crisps cos they are shite I don't complain about people eating meat either it is up to you what horse sorry meat you eat and by the way if you eat meat why not eat kitty or lassie or for that matter flipper but heyho a lot of you would not cos as meat eaters you really are hypocrites
Moan moan moan, get back to chomping on yer tasty carrot and I'll get down on my juicy horse steak. Mmm!!
Don't forget your lovely mechanically removed meat sorry fat connective tissue bone and sinew oh and your lovely dose of cow/horse antibiotics and growth hormones not as I said every one to their own here kitty kitty gonna make a stew of you
And steve Daniel did you say arse steak or horse 
Considering most , sorry all vegetables are grown in the ground, in what? O would that be decomposed cow, horse, human and every living things butt chutney I do find your last post slightly amusing
I find your post amusing considering the animals butt chutney as you put it is of vegetable/grass origin have you ever "dressed"an animal for consumption? I have before I was a veggie I dispatched animals and prepared them for my own consumption then I grew up and realised I was eating things cattle etc that were probably more intelligent than half the human race especially people like you steve daniels whose idea of a meat diet consists of some prepacked shite from tesco
Just a quick thought is the only meat you eat of human origin 
I enjoy meat but agree we do not really know wht we're eating. We should focus on how these animals are treated whn alive ( often not good) and how they're killed. Everyone should have choice to eat wht they want :-)
Unfortunately Garry for u i live in rural Devon with not a super/shitmarket within 30 miles of my home, I have never or ever would buy the crap they produce. As for dressing up as an animal... No thanks , dude your twisted, must be the lack of protein. 
So I see from that statment that you only eat meat that doesn't resemble an animal anymore and have quite a few sick fantasies because no matter how you ask I will not dress up as an animal for your sick needs weirdo
I think steve Daniel that my earlier statement that most of the population are less intelligent than animals is in your case true either that or you have Jacob crutzfelt disease "bse" or even it sheep scrapie or maybe too many growth hormones from the shite you eat it at the very least has affected your reading abilities
Just proving my intellectual awareness for you as you are so supreme as a veggie. Hope you have a nicer job now rather than working in a shitty abattoir on minimum wage 
Never worked in an abattoir I am a food advisor to morons so am quite comfortable in my supreme ideals and views
Yea yea ha , food adviser , love it, what one that dresses animal's as you so rightly put it and dispatched them. Anyway I'm bored now your sounding more and more like my misses, on and on, nag, moan and groan. Josh davies was right from the start.I hope u enjoy your cabbage soup and nut roast. Keep advising impressionable persons on how to be a big blouse around food whilst dressed as a giant gay parsnip
This really sounds like you are a repressed homosexual who likes to dress up and is a sexist pig who has had sex with an animal before eating it 
You really are a moron sounds like you and your missus get on really well have you tried role play?you could be the drunken opinionated bigot and she could be the down trodded beaten wife
I'm not the one so attached to miss piggy after banging her as a job before sticking an electric rod up here arse to kill her for Mr Sainsbury. "Oh there so intelligent," they even know how to fake an orgasm. Don't give me shit because you got perverse feelings for animal's . Sick twisted sheep swallower
You might want to get yourself a girlfriend one day, then you might draw your unwanted sexual feelings from animals to a real human being. 90% of all veggie I've know in my life have either been single or gay. I take it you Garry tick both boxes
So that's what you do in your spare time beside wife beating,torturing animals don't you know as a veggie I can't be a sheep swallower that's you and how do you know pigs fake their orgasms wow that's another weird thing I didn't know you did that are your "needs"for male pigs or are you acdc
This is fun are you sure your not a chimpanzee cos this seems to be quite an intellectual conversation on second thoughts you must be an aardvark are you?
If you are neither of these then is your sister your mother and your dad your brother because you are really "challenged" and inbreeding does that
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