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A new anti-drug advertisement shows the devastating physical transformation addicts experience after years of meth use.  
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isn't it a bitt OTT? guess most of meth users are not exactly abusers&what about alcohol or even fat&sugar? anything in excess looks pretty HORRIFIC, which is not to say that i advocate meth "use" - on the contrary - dose at your own peril.. 
You don't mess with drugs. They can ruin your life. No matter how much you think you can handle it, they're too addictive & they ruin families! So no, it's definitely not OTT. Someone I loved is an rehabilitating heroin user & although he's not the worst example, he's a good example of the damage these things can do! 
Sometimes a lack of education and peer pressure or need for escapism/mental health issues means people really don't know what they're getting into. Sad but true. Images like these are what we need more of. These images will forever stay in my head and hopefully same to anyone else who sees them. I've made a point of showing my 7 year old son so he learns the dangers young. Others should consider doing the same.
you might as well say people who smoke, drink&eat too much are so stupid, i also find it hard to feel sorry for them!! perhaps anyone who´s self-destructive, perhaps becoz something really bad happened to them (starting with child abuse), but then lets just call them stupid, becoz we´re SO clever..
You know something? All these people who cast judgements on others...not one of us is perfect. We all need love, compassion, stability, nurturing. We live in a harder world filled with all sorts of abuse. If we spent less time judging everyone else and more time looking after each other, the world would be a nicer place to be in.
Not saying you per se...just a recurring observation on topics like these. A lot of people quick to judge but not so quick to seek help or provide help to those in need.
Drug use, as shown in these pictures, is clearly a public health issue. And yet, year after year we keeping putting drug addicts in jail rather than rehab. It's hard to imagine anyone who looks like this is choosing to keep doing it. Drug addiction is a curse, and these poor souls are lost to it.

Whatever reason got these people to try Meth the first time, you would be truly heartless to think anyone deserves to suffer the curse of this addiction.
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