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All knife thugs will be sent to prison, says Justice Secretary after figures show one in five escape with a caution

Do you believe Chris Grayling’s promise to jail ALL knife thugs? Join our debate:
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Not only knives but anything that is considered a weapon. Isn't there still a law that says,"with intent" so if you are carrying then you intend to use it, so the minimum should be 10 years without parole,  then see how many people stay out of the 'holiday home',commonly called JAIL!!!
what if you need one for your work ie garden work or forestry work but other than that put big posters in all schools 
Hi Marilyn, there is difference between working tools and weapons. I have a big cable knife in my tool box in the boot of the car, not in my pocket, under the seat or the door panel, thats the difference!
Sorry Simon I disagree with everything you said here, which makes me think you have issues to sort out!!
Don't people that threaten or stab people with knives already go to jail, if you catch them? Or am I missing something?
Read the headline again Greg, 22%. That means 78% go free,to do it again and next time it might be you that gets it. Of the 22% that do go to jail, how long do they stay, definitely not long enough to stop them! 
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