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Outspoken Ryanair chief claims 'useless' seat belts on planes won't save lives and calls for standing room only on flights
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It's all right. I think he's been certified.

And look, I think they let him take one of his planes with him.
It's got him free publicity and advertising but who wants to stand up for three hours on a plane when you've already been standing for three hours to get on the thing!
Seats have hardly leg room and someone thinks aisles should be packed with standees?
Sue H
Seatbelts stop you being thrown up / across / around in an emergency AND if you were standing during a bumpy landing I bet you wouldn't be standing by the end of it!
Perhaps he would care to reply to me to explain how his four disabled passengers are supposed to cope with access to the toilets if he has the aisles full of standing passengers. How will the trolley pass through so he can make his fortune, and in the event of a heart attact or other serious illness of a passenger, what soace would there be to cope with this type of incident. I LOOK FORWARD TO HIS COMMENTS!
He ought to ride in Mumbai local trains in second class at rush hour for a year to learn facts of life.
I'm convinced this airline only comes up with this stuff from time to time in order to remind everyone that they're a cheap airline. I mean, just look at the story about charging toilets from previous years. He could easily implement that but, as far as I'm aware, that's not happened. I could be wrong, but I think it's all PR. 
Guy is a total twat. A very rich one arguably .
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