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A controversial Muslim cleric who lives off benefits is urging his followers to also sponge off UK taxpayers by claiming their 'Jihadseeker's allowance'
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S Mann
This guy has been put there by the government.
Why hasn't he been arrested already for treason? He continues to say shit and remains in the country.
F'ing bullshit. Arrest him. He doesn't represent anyone. 
S Mann
i bet no one investigates his 25k allowance either
He ll be allowed to stay and keep his benefits. 
S Mann
Wow I can't believe I'm going to +1 Simon stone and agree with him
I have nothing against people coming to this country for work and being on benefits for a time. But even while I was working full time I could not get that sort of money. I am on benefits at the moment and am trying to find work also I have been putting my name forward for unpaid work I bet he is not and if he does not like the religion in this country why not go somewhere where there is one he likes.
S Mann
+John Ruck don't be fooled. He is merely there to cause controversy and incite hate. Like I said he doesn't represent anyone . Good luck with ur job hunt. What do u do btw? 
He's sick, and this has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims.
we in the UK are to soft, I'm now sad to call myself British, my family goes back to 1040, if some one does not want to live by the law in the uk then kick them out, if I went to the middle east and wanted to drink in public, what would happen to me??????
Isn't it a crime in this country to incite racial or religious hatred?? Arrest him, each and every time he opens his mouth to preach his venom!

I can't under stand why these people aren't just thrown out. All they seem to do is try to make this country worse than the one they are claiming to be running from.
Thousands of us should get together, track this terrorist down and publicly stone him to death. If this happened in his country the consequences would be far worse.
S Mann
and I take back my plus one from Simon stone. Forgot he was just a dick
I agree with +S Malik he doesn't represent anyone. Media stunt.. Just another way of turning people against Muslims. This man clearly has a screw lose. 
Its sick this man should be investigated and treated like a british person since he is in our country he should respect our country or move on simple
its a really shame that there are people like this, I know lots of muslims and they are great people, but for a few, they are turning people against muslims, but I do think the that muslim community should start policing them and kicking them out of the faith
S Mann
+Jane Ducidre i think that wouldnt do much apart from create a big mess. do you have a more constructive proposal?
S Mann
+Simon Stone have you changed your name to Jane Ducidre since the last time you suggested the same thing?
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