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How risqué! Facebook bans picture of woman reclining in bathtub... even though it only shows her elbow
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So Facebook really has image recognition aimed specifically at tits. The guy who programmed it had to have fun.
 i taught fb has no privacy.
'Facebook has banned mothers from posting photos of themselves breastfeeding their children.' Talk about backwards. Yet, as a friend showed me last month, they allow completely nude pictures of couple month old babies..
Scary. Without condoning posting nasty pix, this mean they have their eyes on us 24/7. No privacy whatsoever. 
I must say, I had to double take..
.. and tripple. Maybe just another look to be sure..
Good. Versus the garbage some allow. It is suggestive.
Yet Facebook shows pictures of tortured animals, racist graphics, and border line porn, come on Facebook act with sense not nonsense.
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