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Ghost town set for rebirth: Rows of boarded-up terraced houses in Accrington to be brought back to life with £10million revamp -
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Does a nuke still cost £10 million?
Oh god yes, I'm a Manc... wouldn't want people mixing me up with a thieving scally from down the road.  LOL
<brummie off>
You all sound the same to me.
<brummie back on>
Y'am bosting y'am...  

I lived in Bimringham and then Coventry for almost a decade +Darren Mansell...  The Brummie accent wasn't so bad but I needed an interpreter once I hit the Black Country!
Oh. I just call myself brummie to not confuse people who don't know about my real home, the Black Country.
Oh...  I'll get out my special dictionary to carry on the conversation then...  it's labelled up as the Brummie Dictionary but it's mostly Black Country terminology from my experience.

My ex's family are all from around Dudley...  
I just saw a whale in the cut.
I think it was off a fiesta, it was a steering whale!
LOL - that takes me back...  I'll put the kettle on and make a kipper tie...
Sorry mate you'll have to slow down, having trouble with the accent our kid.
maida street. manchester. very much as in this pic. back ally.  i played as a kid. ......anyone finds a tortoise its mine from 45 years ago.
Elizabeth Street, Accrington, - many memories of these back alleys, right at the bottom of the back alley in the picture used to be a big reservoir, it's now a housing estate. 
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