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Teenager's warning over rogue tattooist Dave Stewart after paying £50 for abysmal this Marilyn Monroe design which looks like a 'blow up sex doll' -
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So the moral of the story is... Don't go to a dodgy tattoo artist. 
Poor guy.  I hope the Police charge the tattooist with GBH or even Taking Moiney by Deception.  Lousy Bastard!
Some responsibility has to be taken here. 50 pound sterling for a tattoo of a image should have set of the alarm.
Be nice when its finished!!!!!!
 £50 equals $81.27 what do you expect for a cheap tattoo ?!
really bad line work + zero dimension
what does she expect for 50 quid? Looking at it I'd say it's actually good value
It could have been worse. She could have had Fresco Lady do it instead.
How is this a news story, "idiot pays someone £50 to do a tattoo?" Quiet day was it... 
But she wears glasses so she must be kind of intelligent right?
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