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Applebee's waitress Chelsea Welch FIRED for sharing Pastor Alois Bell's rude 'I give God 10% why do you get 18?' tip note online -
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What the heck, doesn't take much to get fired, really for that, what is wrong with people and religion, especially Christianity.  On a receipt, dame. 
She should've told him, 'because I exist'
S Mann
+Janice Mbazima Had the pastor said I give God 100% and given her a thirty five dollar tip, what would you say then?
S Mann
btw, can anyone explain what this ten percent reference means? What tip does he give God worth 10%
neil h
applebee thats a disgrace. .. who cares what was written who cares that she shared it. she shouldn't have got the sack for that. it was a training issue if anything to ensure nothing was done like thst again; if applebee is so concerned that is
Are you blind? The additional tip is "0"
I find it annoying that someone got the sack for proving someone else is a twat.
What a shining example this pastor is to his congregation. God must be so proud. 
But he didn't did he now, I deal with what is there not what might be there. 
@Malik. Christians give 10 percent of their weekly income for offering during service. That's how pastors get paid and how the church has any money. The richer the congregation the richer the church lol

But what I Dick pastor. He prob hides little boys in his closet

Pastor is a woman in this case. An ignorant ass of a woman. 
Wow I don't know if that makes it worse or not lol. All I know is you never mess with people who handle your food. And always tip if you want good service. Waitresses and waiters get less than min wage so why should they give a shit
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