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TWENTY British hostages ‘killed or injured’ in Algeria hostage crisis: Slaughter in Sahara claims ‘multiple’ lives as officials admit bloody battle is not over -
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So much speculation and "20 british hostages killed or injured" headline when story states "up to 12 british workers" on plant when attacked...sensationalism from a terrible situation - we want accurate reports, if u dont know dont make shit up :(
whats the bbc saying? they only publish if they have 2 confirmed sources, unlike sky news
S Mann
such predictable news. As soon as I read about france and UK/US invading yet again another country, i immediately knew that this sort of news would be splashed all over the tabloids.
Expect a lot more to come to a point where those who had never heard of Mali would be well versed about its internal affairs.
Just like hardly anyone knew who Gaddaffi was but its a household  name now.
its all to justify bombing another country..when probably, really they just want to build a military base there
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