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Parents furious after little Logan is expelled from infant school for stealing, vandalism and kicking teacher in the face - and he's still only FIVE years old
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its nether teacher or perents fault, its his fault he cant behave only he knows  why he is doing it, he knows right from wrong....
It sounds like his parents have got no idea about parenting, or right from wrong.
Got to be more to the story than what we have see, very often children who lash out do so because there is an underlying problem, we should not just make assumptions until all sides of the story have been heard, parents need to seek support where needed to help them become better parents if that is the issue!
The 'proper treatment' for hyperactivity isn't to dope the kid up and calm him down; if it was, you may as well just give him a spliff- it's doing the same job...

I say the parents fault completely. The child obviously doesn't respect boundaries and hasn't learnt to appreciate that his actions will have consequences - who else's fault is that than his parents? They're at least the primary factor in it anyway.
Getting suspended that many times and getting expelled by the age of
I'd be furious too if I was his parents. It must be incredibly frustrating to only have an IQ of 15.
The little shit should be suspended - by his ankles, and his parents with him. Then apply the BIRCH.
+claire shepherd I doubt he would be like that if he was. I bet he gets spoiled over Christmas as well. Brat!!!
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