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First picture of eight-day-old baby Harry Harper who died after being bitten just once by his grandparents' pet Jack Russell in 'tragic accident' -
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Unimaginable what this whole family must be going through.
So sad, this is why you shouldn't have a dog around little children.
Well, the family deserve it, because how many times this has happened? can you imagine how the little baby has suffered till has passed away and for what? for stupid human being keep disgusting animal at home.

I have major problem with dogs, And if I ask dog owner to keep his dog on lead and away from me, I get all the bulling slagging in the world through over me.

If me I will put the parents and the grand parents in the prison, because it's not the first time ever, so how they don't learn? also I would create low that dogs are not allowed in houses where babies and children are live.

And the most disgusting thing is every dog's owner tell you "my dog won't harm" . Beyond belief that some human loves dogs more than love their own child. Disgusting.
I don´t understand why this is news... leave the family alone...  Similar shit happens every day...  
+Florian Jouanel Hi, please let me tell you this, dog's owner are actually blind, Also some children suffer of them as this story...Many adult (British DNA, suffer from OCD, Fobia from dogs,,,etc) actually staying  home because dogs out there ...And seems no body care! But not me I care, I try to correct wrong things or at least try to high light the negative side of the wrong things, and trust me I'm fit to do so. 

I care and I'm willing to spend some of my time to correct things.
I hope this comment doesn't annoy anyone.Thanks. 
Sorry! just goes to show you shouldn't have children around dogs. As for the comment about disgusting animals - some people,, and children, are disgusting too. There is nothing wrong with any dog in the right hands, it's just the morons who own them.
all pets should be kept away from new babies as even a cat can kill by siting on a newborn face thats why catnets used to be on big prams and if the pet was treated as a baby till you had a real one jelous pet i dont have children but i would not leave my dog in same room as a small child on her own it takes seconds for a pet to bite all pets are not good round small babys 
+Brian Cope Hi, There is nothing wrong for me calling dogs disgusting! Plus When human kill another human we call the murder disgusting as well! Also you saying that "dog in the right hands" that fair enough but where the  right hands? our street full of Dog's dirt & Dog's urine. our buses full of dog's hair.

The law in Britain for dogs is "keep your dog close to your body using a small lead" Who do that? we have to witness the dog with saliva ruining down and nose ruining as well, and more we have to smell disgusting smell and must shut up. we have to witness how dog's owner love his dog more than his own child and we must shut up, because if we say something we get disgusting slagging bulling and who knows what we get.

We human get disturbed for that selfish dog's owner enjoy, then We have to hear about children dying because dogs attacked them also we should shut up. Thanks.
+vikas rawat Thank you very much,

I can't believe that the family kept the other dog in the house! Well suppose the dog remind them with the horrific incident!

Also I read that the mother of the baby has tweeted, that shocking, and the police confirmed is a "tragic accident" I can't sleep thinking about the pain that the baby has suffered,
How is tragic incident? since has been said many times that this kind of dog is dangerous, Also since is prove that kids has been passed away because of this kind of dog! also the dog it self has destroyed a teddy also has been described by the neighbours....and despite all of that the family kept the dog in the house while a new born baby has been living .

so how is accident? this is a crime of family has neglected their own baby. And now they acting as if they have lost £50. unbelievable! Once again thanks vikas rawat
+Chaza Afandi I agree dogs should not be around newborns however no family deserves this. You crossed the line writing that. 
Crossed what line. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Some accidents are avoidable you know.
Well, the family deserved it... Nobody deserves to lose a child. 
I never said the family deserved it!! The dog didn't either.
Hi, thanks for the comments, just to let you know that I'm not running from replying but I had to leave Edinburgh 6am Thursday morning went to England in business, came back an hour ago. So I'm tired but I will reply.
As a quick answer I'm sorry but I haven't cross the line at any level, and I'm not silly person like most of people we know .. I say things I can prove it. Thanks.
+John Garcia Hi, please let me tell you this, I haven't crossed the line, in fact this family has opened the door for me to say that, also this family has opened the door to this crime to be exists!

The second this family has decided to keep two dangers dogs which  we have heard many times that they have been children lost their life because of dogs ...make them (the family) guilty of charge. there are no excuses  what so ever plus the way this family act after the accident insure me more that they don't deserve this baby, plus keeping the other dog is telling me this family has no feeling, I'm still chock, I'm unable to accept this in anyway!

I'm going to give you examples of families that "they deserve to lose their child" to show you how wrong you are!
let me please mentioned one of many story has happened like a dad sneak every night to his daughter (child) bedroom  force her for sex...a disgusting mother/wife has cheated... her weak husband couldn't cope kill his children and himself...A mother has killed her two children because her boyfriend doesn't like her kids...two disgusting parent put the house in fire for getting insurance  but didn't planned well so the kids lost their life...Any murder doesn't deserve his child, because he murder another one child, what ever the age of victim is! he is son of someone, and the murder deserve to loose his child, in fact the child would be in better place than living with a murder...Please note that I haven't mentioned those who kill their children because they suffer from depression and I won't...
just let me remind you with this story which chocked the world 10 years ago, American women (doesn't deserve to be call lady) has multy story house,who has planned a disgusting crime...she let  her husband and her baby sleep upstairs, while the others 3 children let them sleep downstairs...then she killed her 3 kids (downstairs) ...took her under wear off...then called police screaming that someone break in killed her kids  and raped her and run...police find hard to find the week after she has birthday party for one of the 3 also she was saying that the 3 kids in heaven ....many kids and family were invited...etc ...The police has discovered later that she is the murder by one thing only which is the blood of one of the 3 kids was on her back over her cloths that as police said she was trying to kill him in the knife repeatedly  in very strong way that the blood of the poor kid went to her back...also wasn't any trace of things on her underwear has led that she's been raped...she has done that because of her 3 kids life insurance...  Doctors hasn't find her ill...she put in prison...And yes she deserve to loos her child...child better without a mother like this.

Please I can tell you lots and lots of family deserve to loose their child, however this family (our story) not less than these I have mentioned above, the second they decided to keep the dog they to me and to every wise person are murder because the dog was the gun who killed the child. And yes the police are wrong to say "tragic accident"

Please think carefully before you accusing me  with "crossing the line" it's very silly to say "no one deserve to loss child" because you can't prove it. because those who I mentioned above deserve it. Thanks, have a nice day.
Well I stand by my comment that you did cross the line as it is quite offensive that you say they deserved the loss of a newborn baby for wanting to complete their family by having a dog. I am a previous dog owner and had to rehome him for not having the time or space when my son was born, and he was a lovely dog, very gentle and always sat by the baby watching him and sleeping by him (obviously we never left him alone with the baby). How where they to know the dog would turn if the dog was a loving family pet? He destroyed a teddy? My dog destroyed massive bones and rubber pigs and dozens of balls.. Did not mean he was aggressive. They did not deserve it, and quite frankly what you said is cold hearted and I wish and hope nobody else, including you, has to endure what this poor family did. My sympathies are with them. 
Ps, molesters, rapists and murderers don't deserve to have children, but they also don't deserve the life of their child to be taken. Nobody does. Their life yes, not their children's. 
+John Garcia Hi, please note that our dispute was "no one deserve to loss his child" our dispute wasn't " child deserve to his life to be taken because his parents evil"...this is different subject completely...Please let me tell you this, you are going around in empty circle nothing else ...And with indirect way you prove me right about the main  story...

Yes they are poor family and all my sincere sympathy  to the family if the dog was the neighbor's dog for example!   

You are the only person accused me ( again, first time "crossing the line") with "cold hearted"!!!
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