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Today's front page: PM'S New Fixer In Racist Rant At Muslims -

Kate Moss... the girl with the £1million Lucian Freud tattoo -
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Don't understand - who has defined muslim as a race - surely its a choice like catholicism.
Not racist as muslims are not a race. Same as if he had said child molesting Pakistanis , or suicide bombing muslims or annoying sunday morning sleep disturbing Jehovahs witnesses or indeed xisgusting drunken english football fans .all are descriptions not racist or merely at worst stereotyping. What he said could also be like someone saying politically correct arsehole politicians.
Islam is one religion does not accept discrimination
Unless we are kuffier, infidel non beleivers of course. Islam has apostasised just like Judaism & christianity before it.
I always thought Islam is a religion not a race - but there it is in the DM so I must be wrong.

The word 'racism' is becoming meaningless as it only feeds the racism industry, which have jobs and careers to support and so has to keep the issue alive.
I think the new buzz word is islamophobic but I don't think that would fit on the headline. 
The other thing that the media and leftie/liberals like to do is liken 'Islam' with 'terrorist' or 'extremist.' believe it or not, the majority of Muslims in this country have no more affinity with the nut-cases as christians with bible thumping evangelicalists.
Well, if Mr Crosby said it, that's show just how immature he is! 
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