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'You're coming here and pleading poverty while we're paying taxes': Shocking rant of woman against foreign students at Ipswich hospital waiting room caught on mobile. Watch the video here:
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Why is it shocking? Because shes saying what we are all thinking? Power to her!
its true. how can foreigners come here then do that?? why do we have to pay for over the top petrol prices, and taxes that are wasted on scroungers???
She must be talking about the tax she pays on her alcohol.
If the Nigerian lady is paying £13,000 a year to be educated here why not, yes they are those that come to take which I think is bad but you have to put that down to the government and its laws that allow folks to abuse a system in place for those that really need help. She may have a point but wrong forum, no one would listen to that or even take in the right way.  If she has such a problem there is a time and place to make your point.
She isn't saying what I'm thinking. In my own personal view on immigration we need more skilled workers, less unskilled workers coming over. But we need students if they stay here to do highly skilled jobs they'll do alot of good to our economy. Or if they go home they'll better their own economy.
Is this what happens when ignorant people are taught by politicians and the tabloids to blame anything foreign for our problems at home?
Blame Labour. More importantly don't ever vote for those idiots again!
+Dan Thornton except most foreign uni students are paying full tuition fees (ie not subsidised).

Edit: more info to back up my claim. EEA and UK students have a capped tuition fee, but for everyone else there is no cap. Most non-UK students come from outside EEA I would therefore say foreign students actually benefit the economy, especially as many of them come from wealthy families and have money to spend. 
+Anthony Kelly definitely. I've come across a lot of hate, but the hate towards foreign uni students is what baffles me for the reason outlined in my post above. I'm pretty sure the top unis (and maybe even some of the crap ones) compete heavily for the best foreign students as their full fees help with research and fund the uni, both of which are very important when unis compete with other unis in the world. 
You know on X Factor when a new contestant sing an previous winner's song? This is the Daily Mail equivalent.
Bitch.. just b'cause your white lazy arse pupils dont wanna learn hard to become doctors...and this country lack of doctors from its wanna take it on foreign students??? Scum.. just another scum trash
If you disagree flame me
If she was on ecstasy instead of alcohol the situation may have gone a completely different way ;-)
I met a uni student this afternoon who's from Nigeria. I had to check her ID and on the back it said "no public funds"
Please you really believe our taxes go to anything that could benifit human society? Noone knows where it really goes or who it really goes to but you can bet youur ass that the racism and arrogaant beliefs that people have towards each other are suggesteted to us daily by the news and media. Why is that? Well whynot get the people to fight amungst themselves and blame each other while they silently take over. McDonalds and the oil companies have more power over the population than the governtment does. Follow the money and stop blaming yourselves
S Mann
What a dick.isn't she the same one from the tube rant video
Just seen the Facebook version of this Mail story. So much hate, it's quite scary!

The Mail had an opportunity to educate their readers about what foreign students bring, but they don't address it (with the exception of one small part of the victim's quote). This isn't about pro or against foreigners, it's about having a balanced story. After all, they find this video "shocking". Their description, not mine. So if the Mail are as shocked as they say they are, why don't they dedicate a bit more space about why this shouting woman is wrong?

Instead, we have a situation where many of their readers are spouting uneducated rubbish without realising that most foreign students are self sufficient and bring a load of money with them (they have to be wealthy to afford the international fees). 
+Anthony Hua just looked at the facebook story myself. This is why I mainly use Google+ now, and only use Facebook to keep in contact with friends. I talk to people on here who have completely different views to me. But it's kept civilised.
What I find most appalling is that this was filmed by a Film and Media student in portrait... Someone so shouldn't pass their degree... #justsaying  
Also on that facebook page people are saying they'll vote UKIP. Have these people read UKIP's manifesto!
S Mann
+Anthony Hua thank god for daily mail to disable comments. EDL lives would have a field day with thier muslamic ray guns lol
Does she even know how much students are paying in tuition fees and how much they wre spending to both local bussinesses and for electricity, water, internet, phone, tv licences, some even have to pay council tax. British xenophobia is slowly reaching the previously thought as unreachable greek standards. Disgraceful.
+Lucky Rihal no one has indicated race in the summary otherwise we can go as far as the anglo saxon, normandy invaders or roman invasion if you think your smart in reffering to origins.
+Ayokunle Okeowo you say im ignorant? lets have your country invaded by millions and steal land, mine for minerals illegally and let the poor starve. O that is the case in your orgin country. Hiw ignorant of me!
S Mann
oooh.. burrnnnnn
If you think that this woman is out of order because she is reffering to foreign students scrounging of the government for handouts then you need to open your fcuking eyes and stop wearing rose tinted glasses as this is why are tax resource pool aka government is struggling to balance the books and pay off the deficit. if tou think this is harsh then do nothing and watch as the country goes to ruin and we end up having to live a life of hardship, rationing and poverty. these people that are living it up over here on tax money will just get up and piss pff else where whil we pickup the mess.
S Mann
+Amrit Singh personally i think youre missing the point. This rant was directed at a nigerian student who is paying more than his/her fair share of university fee.  he/she pays VAT at all the stuff she does just like yourself. he/she isnt exempted from jack.

Its the same as if this woman came to you and shouted at you for the same reason because your skin colour is not the same as hers. You may well pay a ton more tax than she ever has. Its still not clear what provoked this woman to get up and start saying this shit. but i can bet bottom dollar she doesnt stand by the job centre and have a go at fellow brits scrounging off the government.

As a brit living here outside the UK, but in a country part of the EU, has its perks. if you or this woman want to get pissed off, you get pissed off at the government for not having strickter laws for migrants. You dont pretend you have an economics degree and have regular chinwags with osborne about who is paying what and to whome. I can tell you that even though thier is freedom of movement within the EU, not everyone has recourse to public funds. You cant just go from Romania to UK and scrounge off the government without going through red tape and proper procedures. no government acts as a charity for non citizens.

Southpark - They Took Our Job!

'they took aarrr jaaaabs' is what is on the tip of all these idiots tongues, but you will find them lining up outside of job centre rather than queing up to apply for a job somewhere.
Polish blue collar workers 'tik yer jaaabs' cos they give you the same or better service for half the money a greedy bum crack showing knob end does. There is free movement within the EU, no one is stopping this woman from migrating to romania or spain herself and trying her luck thier.

I have been on job seekers allowance myself and i can tell you that its one of the most depressing things to do when you sit in line every monday to talk to ur advisor sincerely about job prospects and all u hear are bloody chavs talking about how they are gonna go straight to the pub after thier interview. 'get pissed yeaaaaah'. 'i aint working no sainsburys yeaah..they mank them things'  

Not to mention thier teenage pregnant chav girlfriends covered in gold chains are next to them itching to go out for another fag. why are they preggers, cos then the council gives you a tidy little flat and more support.

Its not just the migrants mate, its brits themselves who are scrounging off the government. They dont get any less cos the goverment tend to a few migrants. they get the same 65 quid each week for getting pissed and pretending to look for a job. iv seen scum come in and just print a sheet off from inside the job centre as evidence of job searching.

As i said, go bitch to your government for not having strickter laws for migrants.

Hate the game, not the player as they say.
not up for debate, just my opinion.
Isn't it usually the Daily Mail having this kind of rant?
+Amrit Singh You think you are the only one who is paying tax in this country? Students pay tutuion fee they pay tax, they buy books, stationary, clothes, food they pay tax, they work they pay tax. You have lost it. If bringing foreign students into this country was that bad then government would not let this happen at first place. You wanna scream at foreign students and other immigrants to take it out? you are free to do it but that does not change the fact that international students actually favours the economy of the UK. 
+Lucky Rihal please stop and read what i put. you are jumping before reading my comments and then make presumptions. i dont care if we allow foriegn students or migrants into our country. i care that when they come and IF and its a big IF, that they get lazy and have to scrounge from us to fund them. Also i am not the only one paying taxes but apart of the number of residents that do pay. and as for international students they dont favourvtge economy they actuall realise the english education degrees are regarded at a higher standard worldwide. Sounds like you dont mind them scrounging off us workers hey? how about you just give me 50 quid a week every week for the next year and i will bum about do nothing. as thats what people are doing to your wage packet through taxes.
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