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GPs paid to register an illegal immigrant: Fury over £64-a-patient incentive deal for doctors

Should GPs be incentivised to treat illegal immigrants? Join our debate:
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Surely an illegal is illegal, so how come a fee is paid to register an illegal????????
When a doctor becomes a doctor he take oath that. He will treat every patient equally with proper care etc and donot show any type of racism.. Because a patient for a doctor is human. He don't care wether one is illegal or not
+AURANG ZAIB Doctors are paid £64 / year for each patient on their books by the NHS. That money comes from the tax payer. This isn't racism but the fact that expensive resources are being used up by those who do not contribute taxes. Imagine booking a 5 star hotel room to find you are sharing a tent with a stranger because the hotel gave your room to someone else for free. 
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