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Video rental chain Blockbuster becomes latest casualty of the High Street as administrators called in, putting 4,000 jobs at risk
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Their customer service is crap anyway, ordered something off their website and it never arrived they said itd be 3 weeks before it could be classed as lost in post and I could have my money back. It never did arrive :/ xx 
I'm surprised Blockbuster lasted as long as they did, I don't know anyone that rented from a video shop in years. Not much sympathy for the company though, they more or less wiped out all independent video rental stores in the UK in one foul sweep a few decades back. Still have sympathy for staff that are losing their jobs tho.
Another one of those business ventures that have no future, like so many going to the dogs, just as the in the post ones will flop
S Mann
Good riddance. With cheaper and better services like love film, block buster was just trying to high street space.
If they had any sense they would have sold out ages ago and gone online
I'm actually concerned in a big way about the future of the world's economy. I see this as the latest step in a trajectory from the industrial and technological revolutions, ultimately meaning fewer jobs, more automation. I think the future in this sort of a world must leave us wondering with so many people, and so few jobs, who is going to have any money for anything!? Then there will be further decline. This is a downward spiral and it's not over yet. Not by a long shot.
S Mann
+Midas Gordon-Farleigh good point. But it's all about greed prevails so there is no time for corporations to think about the working class. More money in thier pocket.
The power is in our hands, the consumers. Unfortunately we are also in the greed race looking to save every penny. You would think that people would stop going to Starbucks after finding out how they are screwing everyone.but their sales have never been better.

Having said that, it's doesn't help the folks losing thier jobs now, but it will open up new opportunities for those who get employed as a result of expansion. Expansion of those industries who will benefit from the ill fate of block buster.

Vicious cycle

But, the rich won't be able to sell anything and make money. Who will they sell to?!
S Mann
+Midas Gordon-Farleigh the rich will always have something to sell even to the poorest of man. Walking on the high street this year in London with the sales at the highest ever recorded, 5.8bn, who says we are in recession??
If I have no job and living off dole, I wouldn't care if its Xmas or Hanukkah. No shopping for me, but unfortunately not every one thinks like that..especially the free loading chavs with pregnant teen girl friend sitting on the dole waiting for the next check so they can get pissed
We have to see this against everything else. We have a pension crisis around the corner, and a food crisis due what with terrible weather.

I think things are going to get so tough, that the taxpayer won't actually be able to afford the burden. I would even go so far as to call that a certainty.

HMV was still taking 40% of physical media sales at its time of entering into administration - good sales are not a good indicator of success :)
Like them or loathe them it can not be healthy
i thought they ran out of business ?
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