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Disgraced bank Barclays triggered outrage last night after it emerged it is planning to pay its new boss a £1million bonus despite being engulfed by a tidal wave of scandals last year.
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You are good old boy for doing bad job so we are going to give you so extra pen money live on. 
S Mann
If this isn't evidence enough that bank bailouts and this financial turmoil isn't just another way of bleeding the common man dry, I don't know what is.
And what does our government do about it....sod all. Give the money to homeless charities they deserve it as do other charities that would put it to good use. That would spark more than outrage but within the banking click...oh by the way what do they do for there money apart from run an organisation "corrupt organisation" that puts good people on the streets because they can not afford there mortgage because the so called bankers who earn pathetic amounts can't do there jobs properly without being greedy and then cause businesses to fold. 
Yes +Paul Garland Heads must roll. Fred the Shred should be in the front of the queue. It's disgusting how the gov seem to be letting them get away with it.
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