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Man who drank eight litres of cola a day loses all his teeth – and he’s still only 25 -
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Hopefully, he won't be drinking cola anymore, because not only had he lost all of his teeth, but taxes or being introduced on fizzy drinks!
What a idiot! I've never touched ANY fizzy drink, NEVER will.
8 litres? God damn. That's a lot of any liquid, let alone a fizzy drink. 
Stupid prick. You'd think a person would stop after the first few teeth fell out. 
S Mann
+Callum Wilson if he had stopped then daily mail wouldn't have bought his story.duuuuuh
Wow...maybe I shouldn't moan about losing 1 tooth at 28... Shocking!!! 
Hmm it is an addictive substance and im sure that alcohol would make your life worse than fizzy cola 
I thought i was bad for drinking up to 1.5-2 litres of fizzy drinks a day, and had a telling off by my dentist. I  can at times drink fizzy drinks simply as a necessity when eating instead of having water or juice. I think 8 litres a day is clearly an addiction...
Things go better with Coke. Double his age and never had many people with their hands in my mouth. More the coffee drinker today.
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