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Inside the home of the queen of freebies: Householder who saves £20,000 by furnishing her semi-detached with online cast-offs
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I don't think she should really go public as it makes her look like a tramp, some things really do belong down at the tip.
Good bit of PR by Freegle; I'd never heard of them until today. 
I must admit that something's that are given away in freegle are well worth getting and freegle saves people a log of money.
Thee principle of it of course is to give and take,rather than just to get free things, you also give what little you may have but don't want...small things too like books. The idea of Freegle was to keep things out of landfill rather than to get free things but these days I agree it is such a help to people who can't afford the basics like a fridge.
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