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Facebook accused of massive 'data grab' with new service that automatically uploads your phone pictures
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Another thing they stole from Google Plus
And it's annoying when G+ does it
?? I have this option disabled on FB, Dropbox and a bunch of other applications. I do have it enabled on my G+ because this is where I put my pics since Picasa.
Better turn that off before you start taking photos of yourself banging your girlfriend! 
Hum... Perhaps a toggle on the drop down menu for that. That would be great hein, +Google+ .
It's hardly a "data grab" if it s an opt in service...simple sensationalism as usual
+tricia chin Google+ Instant Upload is pretty easy to turn off and it is an opt in system anyway. 
+Luke Johnstone thanks. I know how to disable it but choose to use it. That said, a toggle so we can easily switch it on and off would be great. 
Once they are online, it is not only forever, but for every app you get or accept to use as they see fit for whatever purpose.
+Joel Dinis True, although the "upload only when charging" option is kind of like that... I have that set on, preserve le Battery :)
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