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Leaked images show 'the next Blackberry' - and it looks suspiciously like an iPhone
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oh no, here we go again with the law suits!
Looks like an iPhone? Because it's rectangular? The comparison didn't cross my mind and I think it looks distinct enough. 
It's rectangular and has a touch screen - that doesn't mean it looks suspiciously like an iPhone! SEO?

Based on the pictures shown, I can see some key differences already:
- bezel is different
- seems to have a different proportion to the iPhone 5
- removable back cover
- reasonable size "BlackBerry" wording - there's no confusion over who made it

And that's without holding the device or looking at the pics for more than a couple of glimpses. 
Jeez, we have to stop giving Apple recognition for the rectangle already
It DOES NOT look like an iphone! Jeez... 
So doesn't look like an iPhone.  Apple do NOT have the monopoly on rectangles with rounded corners!
Wow people are so brainwashed I am beginning to think Apple is owned by 'secret society' ochestrating ''the New World Order'' cause in future it will be like if it aint Apple it aint real...its sickening!
Blackberry shud just keep their original style... Is what makes them popular
Actually looks a nice phone. Interesting to see how the reviews shape up. 
True. Fashion for ya. Can iPhone keep their popularity though?
Do all iphones have the word "blackberry" written boldly across the front? 
It looks like a motorola droid razr hd more
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