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Militant Islamist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar has claimed responsibility for the hostage crisis which ended in a murderous bloodbath yesterday, saying: 'We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation.'
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S Mann
And probably a CIA paycheck too
S Mann
1 post was as intellectual as your response.
Why is that foolish btw.wasn't obl on the cia pay roll?
It seems that Mukhtar has done something for the sake of Dr Affiya, if I am not wrong. The lady was abducted from Pakistan without any proper legal working.
I won't make a joke or swear on a person disability...even if they were my worst enemy. ... 
The one eyed Cyborg of death sacrificed 40 of his his foolish followers none of whom can ever get to heaven over the bodies of the innocent victims they have slaughtered. It is doubtful that any religion can gain adherents through such cruelty and barbarity so as time passes we will see the waning of the madmen who are the purveyors of
He is known for kidnapping and the sole purposes was money...but suggesting otherwise and bringing religions into it you Stephen becomes the half brain....never mind the one eye
Same like the pirating chyte by some somalian groups...

Armed criminal gang and they happen to be Muslims. ....

Allah says no 73 virgins for you … just burning in hell. Plenty of Muslims are more than willing to send you on the your way.
Every one on the earth, now, is trying to hunt down the other one. So, better to keep the sportsman spirit. If you are a uniformed fighter, or UN-uniformed, the job is same for all. Isn't it? Keep up the best work in then name of a nation, or anything else.
48 you idiot not 73...
What about the derailment of Islamic parties two decades ago when they won their elections in Algeria. Isn't it a hate attitudce towards Islamists? Would you mind the derailment of your lovely governments in the Msulims countries in the same manner as they do with muslim parties?
+Jeffrey Austin thank you for noticing the complaint. In fact, the issue is not terrorism. It is double standard of some of the powerful people. They do not allow anyne else to succeed according to their standards. Why? Why to derail the democracy, just because an Islamist is victorious. If it is game of power, why to cry out for any standard, human or democratic?
I am a Firefighter and EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).
fire fighter not allowed in ok jeff...
The 19 fellows that hijacked the four jetliners on 9/11 and used them as missiles were not Muslims. They used their extremely warped interpretation of the Qu'ran to conduct their criminal acts.

343 of by Brothers paid the ultimate sacrifice to save 25,000+ innocent Citizens of the World. People of all faiths died that day, including many Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist.
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