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Channel 4 and the sick show they call comedy: Comedians guzzle wine and egg each other on to trade obscene jokes about the Queen, Philip and Susan Boyle -

Did Channel 4 go too far with the Big Fat Quiz of 2012? Join our debate:
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How about the sick show they call the history of England slaughtering around the world for land?

Lighten up, it's only entertainment.
Oh get a sense of humour. Ffs.
I thought it was quite tame considering what is published in the Daily Mail every day , there are major big problems in the world and this is not one of them!
it was a few laughs at other expense...usually based on actions that the butt of the jokes had taken themselves - if people didnt like it they could have easily switched channel if they werent so fat/lazy that any movement would have put a serious strain on their stupid arses. just coz u dont like it doesnt mean others shouldnt (i didnt watch it, much like most of the people who have an opinion on it)
Man up! They guzzle wine and trade jokes at people's expense on a daily basis. Doesn't the Daily Mail have some real reporting to do?
comedy and insult are two different things,once you know the difference,u'll be surprised to find out that the show on channel 4 is not comedy.
It looks like The Mail is running out of things to be outraged about!
I do love how the vast majority of comments +Daily Mail gets on Google+ completely disagree with their take on the news. Maybe they should try some actual journalism for a change and try to start a debate rather than make up headlines in an attempt to stir up trouble.

+shameer Ackbarkhan This show wasn't insulting at all and is in fact one of the funnier shows at this time of year.
I watched the second half of the show and I wasn't offended by it. In fact, it was in line with expectations, having watched previous years' shows. Unless the first half was drastically different, then I'm really surprised about this story, especially as it seemingly made it to the front page. WTF? 
Also, the Subo thing was about her hash tag #susanalbumparty. James Corden's joke was therefore appropriate! 
I don't agree with what the +Daily Mail considers 'offensive', pretty much nothing is off limits in my view. The shame is Jack and James weren't that funny. 
This type of material is on c4 every week and has been for years. People have a choice what they watch, come on DM I'm sure its a slow news day but really, does this pass for news?
What a surprise more outrage from angry of Tunbridge Wells sorry the
Daily Mail about another Ch 4 comedy show. Only thing more funny
than the show is the expected pompous indignation from the mail, long may they keep it up as it is a good source of amusement.
If Ch 4 continues to produce such scurrilous and pejorative comedy program's perhaps the mail could arrange to send a gunboat up the river
to show the establishments displeasure at such disrespectful behaviour.
I think most of what the Daily Mails publishes is pretty obscene, but there we go. This is THE paper to buy if you like faux anger and hysteria.
With this kind of reporting from Daily Mail, I am seriously thinking of un-following them on Google plus. Come on +Daily Mail , start using your grey cells and find something worthwhile to some value for your readers time.
I think the show is crap anyway BUT if you didn't like it DM there are over 100 other channel to watch on your Sky / virgin box. I agree with other comments, DM just ran out of things to be outraged about and just happened to have C4 on.  
+Clark Graham if u appear on channel 4,u dont have to crack a joke for the nation to laugh,ur face is enough,trust me.U were right though,people would laugh at anything..anything at all.
Comedy, those ugly jerks do not know what the word means
They had the worst line up of celebrities for the show ever
I think we can see what has happened here. With most of upper management out of the office, the staff left putting the paper together over the holiday thought they would fill some space with a bit of manufactured outrage only to find it backfire badly. Even the comments on the article on the site are overwhelmingly in favour of the show and wondering just what kind of sense of humour failure someone must have to turn it into a full blown newspaper article.

Learn a lesson here Daily Mail, when it comes to deciding what is and isn't to the taste of the British public, you don't exactly have your finger on the pulse. Some of the stuff you print makes people angry when they disagree with you. In this case, I think your writers are just to be pitied.
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