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What do you think of the Falkland Islands Olympic advert?
The advert has been branded as 'an absolute insult' by Simon Weston, the Falklands War veteran who was horrifically injured 30 years ago, and visited the memorial in January.
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The real problem here is playing along the argie game of using either football or the islands as the way to rally support so the Argentinian"ruler" in turn can get away with all nonsense. For a country that prides itself to be "european" and highly educated the argentinians let themselves be played into populism very easy. Same tune, different year. But Hague and Co should wise up. I wish to believe that recent lack of support for Kirchner has been a consequence of British government actions. This is a propaganda campaign. This country used to know how to deal with that. Don't let Kirchner keep the initiative and keep using you as smoke screen for Argentina's problems.
I don't believe this will get into another war. Kirchner knows she can not go militarily, even without the carriers. That is why they make so much noise about the submarines and the Dauntless. For her is a win-win. If nothing changes she will keep the circus entertaining her country and distracting from important issues. If the UK acts militarily she can cry wolf. If the UK accepts talks then she can claim a victory.Britain should make her go into an endless round of red tape and useless negotiations that takes from her any arguments and deny her of using the Falklands politically.
Personally, I think we should take the moral high ground and ignore it for the childish politics it is as +Jose Garcia has correctly pointed out.I see a lot of "Keep calm and carry on!" signs these days, so why not follow the advice for a change ..
This is about PR not Politics. Wasn't it a UK owned PR company who made this advert via their New York Office?? And from what I've been told the last slogans actually said ' To compete on British soil, you must train on British soil'
Damned PR ...We get rid of one lot of bankers (news of the world) and another one is soon to arrive on the scene!!
ha ha ha .. you have to laugh .. +Adrian Wainer, why don't you make your point rather than showing yourself up. If you have a valid argument, make it .. I don't give two hoots what you think about me, but if you don't like what I say, why don't you try and give a reasoned opinion, rather than trolling the board and making yourself look like a brainless moron with no knowledge of what he's talking about.
Fernando Zylberberg will need to keep his fitness up for when he meets all his UK fans

BTW, if you are a fan of his, you can tweet him direct @fzylberberg to let him know how much you think of him
Sad, that some people here are so immature they cannot even make a point without using childish swearwords .. If you don't like it, I suggest you go elsewhere, like to school ..
Huge thank you to G+ for removing the troll posts :) I have faith again.
Well said +Robert Bilson :) The guy was following all my posts and making an idiot of himself, so great to see the back of him.
Apparently the company that did this film also did a porn film with an Argie having his wicked way with a lot of female Islanders and thereby trying to change the demographics of the Islands.
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