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The moment traffic warden slaps parking tickets on two minibuses carrying disabled children after they sang at charity carol concert
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This disgusting man should forever feel ashamed, he is the prime  example of all that is wrong in our society, JOBSWORTH gone wrong. He has a brain of sorts, surely that little spark should have made him behave like a human being, now he will forever be remembered as the man he is JOBSWORTH
Im gonna get slated for this but....... should the buses have been parked there? No. Was the warden doing his job? Yes. Could he have wondered off and cone back later? Possibly. What if his boss had come round and seen he had not put parking tickets on the busses and fired him before Christmas? Would we care then? Do we care now? Is this news?
"I'm just doing my job" Love it.
Yup, they all count. Another box ticked more money for the council's christmas party
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