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Heartstopping moment would-be assassin aims gun at Bulgarian opposition leader's head and pulls the trigger... but victim survives after weapon misfires -
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Looks real enough to me!!!  Good grief, how lucky was he (politician).
Where were the security beforehand?!
I live in Bulgaria. This was a total joke. The gun was not real. Opposition tries to increase its rating. No worries. Only bulgarians need to worry about the country they live in. After all, this act killed Bulgarian theatre.
+Veselin Stefanov then the BBC, Reuters and all the top news sites are wrong and you're right. I'm ready to eat my humble pie ...
Is this what we get after the end of the year when our borders are open to these immigrants???
Omgoodness.....stop the madness! Mental illness has no boarders!
+Ajibola Okubanjo
 i know man.. i im sick and tired of all the bullshit that flows daily in my country. :) the turkish party just wanted to fuss around before the elections..
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