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A smile that says Kate's feeling better: Relieved William leaves hospital after six-hour bedside vigil -

Mary Berry tells FEMAIL she can't wait for the next Great British Bake Off (and what she'll be cooking for 14 this Christmas) -
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It was morning sickness, how many other women in pregnancy get to stay in hospital over morning sickness?
I'm sure there's a lot more important things in the world than this for a front page headline.
Two men discussing how easy morning sickness is...
I get up for work in the morning and feel sick, same sort of thing.
Have to jump in there and say there's no such thing as an prdinary women, they are all wonderful and special in their own way.
Lol +Paul Holt! But seriously I feel bad for the poor girl. Normal morning sickness is bad enough but if she is in the hospital the she must have the bad kind were you can't hold anything down, like not even water, for days on end. My manager had that and she was in the hospital for most of her pregnancy.
maybe if woman had the first child and man had the second there would not be a third 
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