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This it the moment a hungry dolphin bit an 8-year-old girl at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, last week as she was feeding it scraps of fish.
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It is a wild animal. We can't control it. If we want animals to b easily accessible spectacles then we have to except things my go wrong. Th animal should NOT be killed. If we insist on having captive animals. The park facilities should be made more safe for animals as well as the people.
I'm with Amee on that we can't control every human and not in every country there is a death penalty
Animals known to endanger humans are usually killed not as a punishment but more as a matter of protecting other humans in future from the specific animal. Germany now forbids breeding of a dog breed used by nazis to hunt and kill humans at command from those in command, as a matter of fact.
Making sushi out of someone does not teach a lesson to the now sushied one, human or otherwise. Unless you are a firm believer in not only rebirth but remembering all the lessons from the last life, which - latter - is not clear by human experience.
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