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'Rude' Paxo faces a Twitter tirade over savaging of shy student who dared to get University Challenge question wrong

DEBATE: Is Jeremy Paxman too rude to the contestants on University Challenge?
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Look at the recording, it is not as the news expresses 'A Tirade' just a banter of fun. Come on do not take life so serious.
What exactly did he say? And yes, slow news day! 
i love him as he doesnt suffer fools gladly. why dilly dally around people? 
No, I think students ought to learn to cope with rudeness and stop being pussies!
The bloke needs to grow a pair before he goes out into this big old world of ours.
+Richard Winnington It isn't at all called growing up! Some people are more sensitive and haven't as thick skin as others, that should be respected
+Jamie England That's entirely up to him; if he wants to be a wimp all his life, he's free to do so. I don't however think Paxman should be subjected to abuse from a bunch of spoilt brats for something as innocuous as what I witnessed. That's my opinion.
+Richard Winnington you sound typical of the embittered old trout that missed the boat when it came to going to university. Students shouldn't learn to cope with rudeness, nor are they spoilt brats just for voicing an opinion much the same as you. You've taken a story about Paxman's off behaviour on University Challenge as cue to take a pop at students
He didn't say anything... If that's enough to shake that lad, then he needs call it a day.
+Jamie England don't use being a student as an excuse for being a wuss. I agree with +Richard Winnington just because he's a wuss doesn't mean Paxman was wrong. He did light banter, no worse than any lecturer or even teacher has done. He could've laughed it off but, he chose to hang his head... 
The biggest story here, is that we all seem to care because someone was insulted. Is that really what it's come to? Playground 101... Get back up
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