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Grisly photos of Feng Jianmei lying beside her baby, which had been aborted by force in her seventh month of pregnancy, have caused outrage in China.
Pictures purporting to show the woman and her blood-covered baby have shocked anti-abortion groups in China - and fury is spreading around the world.
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Yet again China acts like an insane machine.
So wrong and sad.. :-(
this is done here in the uk it is called, promiscuity women's lib and vivisection or harvesting natures bounty (fruit of the womb) for medical research and also art, the list could go on. 
This is not a result of illiteracy! This is a result of communism...this is as horrific as Hitler and his Final Solution! I pray that this woman and her family will find healing and peace. As a mother, the thought of having my child murdered while I'm the womb is beyond my comprehension. 
+Thea Long this is not a final solution and nothing like communism but more to do with population control, selective breeding based on class, yes class discrimination exists in all cultures, and finally economics which is capitalism.

strange but true communists are also influenced by money matters.
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