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Kate Middleton is a plastic princess designed to breed: Author Hilary Mantel's venomous attack on Duchess of Cambridge -

Is Kate Middleton just ‘a plastic princess designed to breed’?
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Oh I do love it when people write about people they don't even know. And even if she was, if that makes her and her husband happy, what's it got to do with the author anyway.

Yawn . .write something controversial they said .. You'll get your book published they said ,.. Yawn.
And on the left, a Gollum designed by hell itself
So many writers want to be out there attacking instead of just writing, perhaps just another would be plastic politician?
....hmmmm....reminds me of a saying 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything'.....and what happened to respect for each other. ....wonder what Kate has to say about the author's books....we'll never know as there is no right of reply......
wtf people writing theses stories need to get a life
Looks like the green eyed monster raised its head.
+Robert Smith I agree what an old hag. Kate is a lovely girl.but when you see what that women looks like you can only laugh at her comments, chin up Kate. Chrissie M.
afraid to say its 100% true and one i have been saying about the whole middletom family, a bunch of scroungers.
C Askew
Not only has she the stress of royal duties she is also pregnant!!! and by the sounds of things not an easy one. So back off!!!! Leave her be. You should be ashamed dirty rotten git.
Hilary Mantel........GET A LIFE! & stop trying to get publicity. This is not the way to sell your books ........try writing a decent book beause i've never heard of you! Lol
+Sharon Bardot hilary has a valid point here, we tax payers are footing the bill everytime there is a public display of them and other members. she has no character like the others did. look how diane raised millions for kids, what has kate raised apart from eye brows of nudity. 
We taxpayers? I would rather foot the bill for the royal family who bring in untold billions in tourism than one immigrant who wants to live of the state.

The royal family is a part of what being British is about.
+Ryan Barlow if the choice was royal family or a tax rebate i know what i would pick and it aint royal. 
Sorry Amrit Singh but I agree with Ryan Barlow
Then send me your address and I will write you a cheque out for the 50p a year the royal family cost you.
try £50 quid there isnt 60 millon people working. 
£50 you just pluck that number out of the air? Hope your not in finance.

With that kind of maths you must work for the government.
sorry your right its about 60p per tax payer.but are you gonna send every person that asks for 50p back as i aint the only one try 25 million 50pence pieces too see how far you bank balance strecthes
Yeah but most don't agree with you.
most will when someone trying to be smart is offering free money lol
Questions about the constitution of the country including the need for royalty are one thing. Personal degrading comments about someone who cannot defend herself are something else. Perhaps you find that concept hard to understand, would you like smaller words and pictures ?
+Robert Smith tell that to the papers, in fact go write an article make it full of big words, some people may not understand it, most will. Thank god someones defending them.
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