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Homeowner ordered to clean up front of his house after it is completely overrun with ivy and weeds. And his name? KEN MOULD -
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wow. this is really cool through. those weeds look rather aggressive!
Oh oh! I hate to think what is lurking inside the house!
I would have wrote back to the Council. 

To whom this may concern, 
Due to the Economic instability and major cutbacks made by you - the Council and the Government - I have been forced to make cutbacks of my own. I can no longer afford the Petrol to fuel my Lawnmower or a Gardner to take care of the growing weeds in my Garden. 
Please can you send a Benefit Claimant to voluntarily do the work on our behalf? 
Thank you. 
Yours Faithfully. 
A. Taxpayer. 
I wouldn't want to be a neighbour.
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